Vaporizer FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Vaporbrothers Vaporizers

Product Registration
Q: What is product registration and why should I register?
Q: Where do I find my serial number?
Q: What if I choose not to register?
Repair Service
Q: Does your vaporizer come with a warranty?
Q: Can I upgrade my pre 2007 vaporizer to the newer model which uses the ceramic heater?
Q: Can I fix my vaporizer myself? Do you sell parts for repairs?
Q: Where can I order your products online?
Q: How do I track my order?
Q: How do I find a local re-seller that carries your product?
Q: Can I order more organic botanical blend packs from you?
Q: Do you handle international orders?
Q: Do I need to buy special adapters to travel with my vaporizer outside the United States?
Vaporizer Function and Benefits
Q: What is a Vaporizer?
Q: What are the benefits of a using a vaporizer?
Q: How does your vaporizer work?
Q: Vaporizer Videos
Q: Vaporizer Reviews
Q: Vaporizer Testimonials
Vaporbrothers vs. Other Vaporizers
Q: What’s the story with Vaporbrothers and all the copycat versions?
Q: How to tell a real Vaporbrothers from a fake one
Q: How does your warranty compare to other warranties?
Q: Other brands have an ON/OFF switch so you can retain the temperature setting on the dial. Why doesn't yours?
Q: I notice a lot of "digital" vaporizers. Why don't you guys have one? Isn't it better to be digital?
Q: Pros and Cons of High-Tech Vaporizers
Q: How does your vaporizer compare to the Volcano?
Q: How does your vaporizer compare to Vapezilla or Vaporator?
Health & Technical
Q: Does your vaporizer have a ceramic heating element?
Q: What’s the difference between the NATURAL MINERAL™ vap and the Gnes?
Q: How to choose Hands-Free vs. Hands-On (formerly called Standard)?
Q: Does your product feature a glass on glass design?
Q: Can I use a hands free Whip® Handpiece with a standard unit?
Q: What type of material is your heating element made from?
Q: Is your clear plastic hose safe?
Q: How can I maximize the lifetime of my heating element?
Q: Can I leave my vaporizer on for long periods of time?
Q: How do I find my preferred setting?
Q: What organic botanical blends can I use with my vaporizer?
Q: What essential oils can I use in the vaporizer?
Q: How does your aroma diffuser attachment work?
Q: I heard that you use an Aluminum heating element, Is this true?
Q: Can I buy a replacement hose from a hardware store?
Q: I heard that the old version of your vaporizer has a Christmas light that gives off fumes of blue paint. The blue paint deposits on the heating element screen. Is this true?

Q: How do I clean my Whip and change the screen?
Q: Do you have Instructions and/or Info for your EZ Change Whip® Kit?
Q: How do you keep the organic botanical blends from falling out of the Whip?
Q: Can I wet the organic botanical blends to keep them from falling out of the whip?
Q: Can I wet the organic botanical blends to improve the amount of vapor mist?
Q: Do you use the device for health?
Q: What are the benefits?
Q: Do you use your device to replace smoking?



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