Q: How does your vaporizer work?

A: Our vaporizer enables the user to extract a moist vapor mist from bulk natural organic botanical blends as an alternative to smoking. This model is considered a convection type with passive airflow, which means it uses hot air instead of any direct metal contact with the botanical blends, and does not generate any fan noise. As soon as the user fills the glass Whip Handpiece and joins it to the heating element, the vaporizer is ready to use. By inhaling through the tube, air is drawn through the vaporizer’s heating chamber and into the organic botanical blends. A warm flow of air saturates the botanical blends, heating them to about 325Degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the plant matter does not burn, but the oils and moisture contained within the plant are released into the air and become cool again. This becomes a clear vapor mist which travels up the tube to the user. When the vaporizer is used properly, the inhaled vapor is clear, and exhales as a visible white mist.

The above process uses principles very similar to commercial distillation of organic botanical blends, where the moisture is extracted from plants and flowers, then packaged and sold as essential oil. Our vaporizer works with these essential oils as well. Simply attach the supplied Aromabulb™ oil diffuser to the heating element, fill it with filtered water and a few drops of essential oil, and turn the vaporizer to its lowest setting. The vaporizer’s heater will gently warm the oil until it evaporates into the room.

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