Q: How do I choose between Standard and Hands-Free units?

A: Choosing between Standard vs Hands Free vaporizers is personal preference, as each method has its benefits. The way the Whip Handpiece connects to the heater is the main difference between Standard and Hands-Free units.

Vaporbrothers vapor box desktop vaporizer standard 120V

Standard Features and Benefits:

The user holds the Whip up to the heater while they inhale, and pulls it away between draws.

  • Our original glass on glass design. Whip does not stay connected to the heater on its own.
  • Without the ground glass feature, it's a bit more durable and definitely more economical to purchase. Replacement parts cost less than Hands-Free as well.
  • Fits like a ball-joint. Easily rotate the Whip around while taking a draw to steer the hot air stream through the bowl. The standard gives a more even browning of the botanicals.
  • Glass stays relatively cool, unlike the Hands-Free which gets searing hot at its tip. You can see/smell the herbs between hits. It gives you instant feedback on if your herbs are browning too much.
  • Can be used (in hands-on fashion) on Hands-Free vaporizers as well.

  • Close Up View of the Standard Heating Element

    Standard vaporizers have a smooth round at the tip of the heater glass.

    Close Up View of the Standard Whip

    Standard Whip is smooth and clear with no markings.

    Vaporbrothers vapor box desktop vaporizer hands-free 120V

    Hands-Free Features and Benefits:

    Matching tapered joint between Whip and heating element allows you to leave the Whip connected to the heat source without having to hold it in place.

  • Preferred by newcomers 2:1. You may pass the mouthpiece around a table without having to disconnect the Whip from the vaporizer.
  • Airflow is not as mixed as on the old Standard. It helps to stir the herbs once or twice during a session.
  • Tip becomes EXTREMELY hot during use - Beware of where you set a hot Whip down. Recommended to upgrade your hose to Silicone.
  • Whip can be left on the heater for long term. Don't worry about drying out your herbs if you do. The herbs will not be consumed unless you draw air through them.
  • Grants you an extra hand (The main point)
  • Cannot be used in Hands-Free mode on a Standard model vaporizer.

  • Note: All Standard (or Regular) accessories are compatible with the Hands-Free vaporizer. (i.e. Standard Whip Handpiece, Regular Fancy Whip, Mini Whip, and Aromabulb.) Hands-Free Whips are not intended for use with Standard vaporizers.

    Close Up View of the Hands Free Heating Element

    Hands Free vaporizers have this ground glass taper on the tip of the heater.

    Close Up View of the Hands Free Whip Tip

    The Hands Free Whip has a ground glass connection and a red HOT emblem.

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