Did you know we also supply the solar industry? 

We design and source parts for a variety of businesses! Yours could be one.

For solar, when a factory produces solar cells in a high temperature oven, metallic surfaces give off ions into the air that limit the efficiency of the solar cells. Who knows better about using ceramic as an alternative to metal in high temperature applications? (a 16 year old vaporizer company...Vaporbrothers, Inc.) That "hot metal smell" is just the thing we eliminated when making our box vaporizers. Most industries are still largely in the dark ages when it comes to metal ions. Using parts designed and sourced through us, a solar company increased the reliability of their process and improved the efficiency of their solar cells. We make good vaporizing products as well!

If you like our consistency and attention to detail we can do that for you- or at least make a good attempt and provide you valuable data to get your goals accomplished.

Vaporbrothers is able to produce components in 

  • glass
  • non-toxic wood & finishes
  • high temperature silicone
  • heating elements of all types
  • medical grade rubbers
  • plastic
  • electrical boards
  • and our favorite- injection molded ceramic components 

Our vapor pen supplier is pretty top notch if you need an e-cig related product or component.

We work with glassblowers in California, New Jersey, Canada, and overseas.

If your company has a design already we can give you a quote. For designs that are not ready for the factory we offer basic design services by the hour.

Send us a message at our contact page if you would like to know more.