About the Vapor Brothers

Our Mission

Vaporbrothers seeks to elevate health and enjoyment for our customers and their friends & family. Since 1999, our vaporizers have improved lives by reducing exposure to the harmful byproducts of smoking. A portion of all sales go to supporting patients with serious medical and financial needs.

The Vaporbrothers Experience

We would never sell a product we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. Since vaporizers contain extremely hot components, it's essential to design them not to overheat and off-gas toxic odors. In the "hot zone" of our devices, we eliminate materials that break down with temperature, such as plastic, Teflon, brass, or shiny metals. We have strict self-imposed standards that ensure the vapor stream is non-toxic. Our industry can be a minefield, so our extra attention to inhalation safety helps assure a good experience. The vaporizers in our selection are either handpicked by our R&D team or custom designed from the ground up. Vaporizer styles we originated became popular through person-to-person contact instead of marketing — at one point, our patented box-style vaporizer was the most common in the world. We have a new invention that does for oils what our box vaporizer did for herbs, to make a previously tedious experience straightforward and easy, presentable in the home, silent and safe to use.

This relentless dedication is why Vaporbrothers Vaporizers are always head and shoulders above the knock-offs. You can literally smell the difference between our devices and our imitators. Whether you’re a connoisseur of herbal flavor, or if you simply don’t like inhaling plastic fumes, you’ll be thrilled with the clean hit you get from our devices.

Our dedication to good vibes extends to our pricing: our devices aren’t the cheapest, but for the quality of material used, they’re the most affordable on the market — we think everyone should have access to a clean, high-quality vaporizing experience.

Home-Grown since 1999

Vaporbrothers was started in 1999 by an eclectic group of students & artists on the west side of Los Angeles. The idea for a Whip-based vaporizer was hatched in a friend’s living room, and the first prototypes were built wherever co-founder Linus could locate his tools: a horse barn, a dorm room, and eventually a factory space gifted to him.

At the time, vaporizers were just becoming known to enthusiasts, but were virtually unheard-of in the world at large. Vaporbrothers’ intuitive method was surprisingly effective and changed people's lives almost immediately. The US Patent office approved three very general utility patents for this "Whip®" style of vaporizing.

New Devices, Same High Standards

Vaporbrothers’ newest innovation is an easy-to-use desktop device specially-designed for concentrated herbal extracts: the VB2.

For vaporizing oils on the go, Vaporbrothers sources a custom-made vapor pen:the VB Eleven. The materials are carefully controlled to ensure a more reliable pen and cleaner-tasting vapor than the norm. Vaporbrothers pens won "Best Standard Pen of 2014" by High Times Magazine, and have been improved since then to have a significantly easier draw.

Serving Our Community with Care

In addition to delivering the cleanest and most efficient vapor experience possible, we are dedicated to providing better customer service than most other companies.

For those who have significant medical needs, we donate vaporizers and help them learn the best ways to use them. We’ve also sponsored leading activists and role models in the alternative medicine arena throughout our 17-year history.

We know we would be nothing without your support, so we invite you to be part of the process as we continue to evolve our products.

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