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Vaporbrothers is Built to Last

As the creators of the original vapor box we helped popularize the notion of vaporizing at a time when it was still unheard of by the public. Our box and Whip™ invention provided an instant way to get a dense and sweet tasting vapor directly from herbs without the drawbacks of smoking. We exist 22 years later due to our dedication and the quality of the experience.

Vaporbrothers iconic vapor box models are made from natural materials and give ample fresh tasting vapor without waiting. Portable options don't hit the same, but we've chosen a few portable vaporizers that create clean vapor.

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Our costs have increased significantly over the years, now more than ever before. We are not just dealing with broken supply chains, but misapplied and capricious bans, restrictions, and other direct interference with our ability to do work. Many customized materials needed to keep you safe now cost almost 10 times what they were before.

We know how our creations have helped improve our customers' lives in a noticeable way. We endeavor to pass as little additional cost as possible to our customers and will continue to help people in serious need.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued customer of Vaporbrothers.


The coolest review!

The Stoner Mom seshed with a Vaporbrothers unit and the result is so cool and informative!  She has a great blog and podcast that you can listen to at her site.  Stoner Mom has helped evolved the perception of cannabis to be like your evening cocktail. Check out her podcast archive here. ...

by on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 8:26:00 PM

We found an herb portable we like almost as much as our own vaporizer

We found an herb portable we like almost as much as our own vaporizer
...Thankfully another company in our industry has gone through the effort to build a decent portable with minimal drawbacks, and we prefer to feature their vaporizer to you.

by on Thursday, September 16, 2021 3:08:00 AM