aroma oil diffusers

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    Vaporbrothers Color Aromabulb™ + Organic essential oil tester

    Slip the Aromabulb™ (aka the Aroma Bowl) onto the heating element and partially fill with fresh water. Add essential oil. You may add as little as a few drops or as much as fits. The essential oil will float on the water. Turn the knob on your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer to the lowest setting (just beyond clicking it on) and enjoy the fragrant vapor as it wafts through the room. Refill with water and/or oil as you need. We recommend using only 100% essential oil (not synthetic perfume / fragrances).

    These unique Aromabulbs are one of a kind, and add a bit of rich colorful fun to the experience. Color and shape may vary (slightly) from the picture.

    Fits "Standard" and "Hands-free" Vaporbrothers. Find our Organic Essential Oils here.

    Requires Vaporbrothers Vaporizer, sold separately.