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91% Isopropyl Alcohol
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    This 91% solution can clean vaporizers without causing harmful corrosion to electronics.  Ordinary Isopropyl Alcohol from the drug store is usually only 70% alcohol, 30% water. You can use it to clean yourself or whips, but should not use it on electronics, since the water content will cause delicate parts to rust. Iso should be 91% or more to clean electronics like your vapor pen heater and battery. Isopropyl alcohol is flammable and not great to breathe or put...

    Durable Cotton Swabs Tidy Tips, 7Th Floor, Cleaning, Dab, Pen, Dab Pen, Elev8, 7Th Floor
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      General Purpose Alcohol Wipes, 70% Iso
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        70% alcohol wipes are handy for disinfecting vape gear between uses, or to clean yourself or whips. 10 piece minimum, sold in packs of 2. Brands may vary.

        Heavy Duty Alcohol Wipes, 99% for Clean Freaks
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          Heavy duty 99% Isopropyl alcohol wipes for disinfecting and cleaning vaporizer gear. Safe on electronic parts. Pads are highly flammable and not pleasant to breathe or put on your skin. Use this 99% ISO to cut through residue in vaporizer whip parts, vape pen parts, and more.