When you fill an herbal vaporizer, preparing the herbs can be tedious. Convection vaporizers like ours work best when the herbal material is consistent. Using your hands or scissors does the trick but may cause crystals and other good bits to fall off. A hand grinder makes all this easy. 

Get what you pay for by purchasing from our line of high quality grinders. Vaporbrothers features America's most trusted brands for quality workmanship and non-toxic materials. More info below!

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Vaporbrothers Grinder
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    It's essential you prepare your herbs with a grinder for vaporizing. Breaking up the herbs increases the surface area exposed to heat, allowing vaporization to happen easier. Ground herb also fills vaporizer chambers completely. But it's important that the herbs not be crushed into a mass that doesn't let the heating air through.Our original grinder design features blocky teeth that don't crush herbs while they cut. We have always been impressed at CNC metal grinders...

    Legendary Cosmic Grinders

    Most grinders today come from overseas where machining costs are lower. While simply being made overseas is not necessarily bad, the finer points are often lost on money conscious manufacturers.

    Check out another company's grinders under the microscope! (we did) You'll see that the surface is coated in aluminum powder, adhered to the surface by lubricants left over from machining. It takes serious time and money to remove this material from every crevice. Since you can't see it, companies don't bother. All this material ends up in your herbs!

    Contrast that with the Cosmic, made in the USA by pioneers of high efficiency grinders. Cosmic uses no ordinary materials: Alcoa brand aluminum alloy with a Delrin glide ring and ultra strong Neodymium magnets.

    Fingerprint and scratch resistant, these grinders will look sharp for years to come. Colors are applied by anodizing, ensuring they won't chip off into your herbs.

    Wooden Grinders

    People love wood grinders for their natural feel. 

    Vaporbrothers 2 piece all-wood grinders are made from a dense beautiful hardwood. Innovative tooling creates precise cone shaped teeth that are both strong and effective at creating the coarse grind vaporizers love the most.

    Magic-Flight Finishing Grinders give you the extremely fine grind necessary for the Launch Box. Improve your portable vaporizing style with satisfying clouds.

    Acrylic Grinders

    ..are pretty good themselves! If you're on a budget and don't mind plastic, our acrylic grinders are a step above.