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  • Vaporbrothers Shearing Grinder, 2 Piece 2.5 Inch - 8250-Black
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    Our own grinder is the perfect middle size and features blocky teeth that don't crush herbs while they cut.

    We've had difficulty with Aluminum CNC grinders in the past and wanted to improve the action. The knife shaped teeth of most grinders don't seem to cut through herbs well, no matter how sharp they are. We realized the best way to grind is not by trying to "dice" the herbs, but to sheer the material between rectangular teeth. The old way using a sharp edge ended up compressing the herbs between the teeth as they passed each other. Our grinder with its blocky teeth cuts without squeezing.

    Another nice touch is that the blocky teeth are friendlier to your fingers.

    We started making these grinders about a decade ago, but have not rolled them out en masse until now. Enjoy!