We chose only sources we trust for our portable vaporizers. Most portable vaporizers don't work well in our opinion, so it's hard to find a company to trust.

Here is some information on three types of portable vaporizers:

1) Herbal portables (for "loose leaf herbs" or "Flower") are the hardest to design and rarely work well. SSV Sidekick seems to work the best at the characteristics that are important to us: a) No plastic smell or taste b) decent vapor hits without air restriction c) Completely cleanable airpath. Older portables like the Magic Flight or Pax take a lot more effort to get a decent hit, and often give no discernable hit at all. We only carry herb portables that work well for us and are the favorite of past customers.

2) Portables for extracts (wax, shatter, and other non-liquid extracts) often work well with minimal learning curve. Most brands in the market use materials we don't trust to get hot, such as plastic, teflon, or shiny metals that break down during use. Kanboro's E-cube gives traditional dab experience using ceramic, quartz, or titanium bowls and is easy to maintain. For cold start dabs, SSV Sidekick has an attachment that works perfectly.

3) Liquid (vape juice, cbd liquid, any liquid that flows at room temperature) are typically for solutions that are manufactured by dedicated companies. We do not offer any vaporizers that work with liquid and suggest you try a retail "vape shop" if you would like that kind of device. If you buy a vape pen from another dealer, inquire about the materials used inside the heating element, and know the exact formula of the liquid. Most often liquid is cut with chemicals you don't want to inhale, hence "the vape crisis." It's best to vaporize only 100% herbal product using the 2 methods above.

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SSV SideKick V1 Portable Vaporizer for Herbs and Oils with Extra Batteries ssv portable, dbv portable, portable vape, portable herb vape, portable vaporizer, portable silver surfer,
Retail: $129.99
Price: $124.00-$144.00
Availability: In Stock
7th Floor Item #: 9412-SKPV -

    Get the SideKick V2 here if you want the upgrade to longer battery life. Read more about the double battery arrangement on this vaporizer below. The Sidekick vaporizer is an American made portable that hits better than any others that we have tried, including Magic Flight, Pax, DaVinci, and Mighty/Crafty. There is minimal restriction to the airflow in this unit, so you can draw as naturally and easy as you do on our desktop units. The SideKick portable vaporizer is...

    SSV SideKick V2 Portable Vaporizer for Herbs and Oils ssv portable, dbv portable, portable vape, portable herb vape, portable vaporizer, portable silver surfer,
    Retail: $224.99
    Price: $199.99
    Availability: In Stock
    7th Floor Item #: 9412-SKPVV2 -

      SideKick V2 is the latest version of this portable vaporizer with significantly longer battery life. The SideKick portable vaporizer is made with the same care and quality as 7th Floor's flagship vape the Silver Surfer. The SideKick was years in the making but well worth the wait for SSV and DBV fans looking for a portable vape option. This vaporizer hits better than any other portable that we have tried, including Pax, DaVinci, and Storz and Bickel. There is no restriction to the airflow...

      Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pens 2016 Trio Edition
      Retail: $99.99
      Price: $44.00
      Availability: Out of Stock
      Vaporbrothers Item #: 9301-VB11PenTrio -

        The latest upgrade to our award winning wax pen.** For Wax/Oils and Herbal Extracts only. Not for liquid (e-juice) or dry herbs. VB Eleven is packed with features that make it our best vape pen to date! Trio Kit features 3 different heaters: single coil and dual coil ceramic core plus single coil quartzFeatures our time tested EVOD style battery- Sleeker, smarter, better Flush mount button with charge level indication. Battery is 3.7V Every unit we sell has been charged and tested at full...

        Portable Vaporizers are designed for use while on the go as they are battery operated and have no need to be plugged in to a wall outlet. However, you may continue to use your personal vape pen while it's recharging. Our portable vaporizer chargers are compatible with both 110 and 220V power, depending on whether or not you reside in the Americas or in Europe.