Avoid the Knockoffs!

It came to our attention long ago that people are getting "ripped" off by sellers of fake, cheap, and unhealthy replicas of our Original Vaporbrothers Vaporizer. Our distinctive angled box design has become a sort of commodity in the market, with cheesy wood "Vapor Daddy, etc." and plastic "Easy Vape" becoming commonplace.

Not to toot our horn- but just so you know where we are coming from, the Whip® based vaporizer was our invention of 1999, with the angled box shape drawn by us in 2001. At the time we came up with the idea, vaporizers were almost completely unheard of. We hold 3 worldwide patents on the concept of a whip vaporizer and we hold the registered trademark term "Whip." This is a world of originators and improvers, preyed upon by imitators. Over the last decade, our vaporizer has become an icon and inspiration to other inventors (good), but also is the most imitated vaporizer of all time.

There are improvement Whip-based vaporizers out there (VapeXhale, etc.) and just copies. In the more horrendous copy status are overseas built Vaporite, Vapor Daddy, Digi Vape, Vaporite, Easy Vape, VaporDoc/Vaporstore, and about 2 dozen others.

We here at Vaporbrothers are not just grossed out seeing bad copies becomingwidespread, but are genuinely worried for the harm to individuals. We've never heard of one of these competitor box vaporizers being tested, and are pretty sure they were not developed with your health in mind.

The only competitor vaporizer to give us props for the idea is Silver Surfer, quite popular in its own right, and they make a good product, at a bit more cost. If you like their solution, check them out.

Back to copycats. Here is why you shouldn't mess with them:

From 16 years experience we know a lot needs to be taken into consideration when developing products people inhale from. If a vaporizer company is not overly concerned with chemicals and production methods being used, it's probably not enough. The way a convection vaporizer like ours works- the heating element needs to be extremely hot inside. Copycats approximate the look and operation of our product, but using materials that are easy for them to find. But we know that any aluminum, plastic, glue, or even common plated metals will outgas harmful ions and chemicals at such temperature. Most cheap copies are overheating their internal components during normal operation. We've found regrettable choices being made by our competitors and honestly would never recommend their product.

Almost by definition, companies that would steal from us are in it for the money, not to bother with the minutiae of keeping you safe. In a money conscious economy, it makes a lot of sense to find shortcuts that increase the bottom line. Invisible chemicals in the air is the first thing for a knockoff company not to worry about.

Add to that the inability to dial in a useful temperature. All the digital displays we have inspected do not connect to anything. Even worse, these "digital" vaporizer power levels are in 8 big steps (not individual degrees as the display suggests) so your perfect temperature will never be found. Add to that the inability of knockoffs to maintain temperature during a hit and it's a big fail all around. People tend to hate box vaporizers after trying the knockoffs. (That makes us cry)

So, in short, don't buy that crap. Your lungs will thank you and so will we!

Did we mention our vaporizers have a good warranty and often last over 10 years? If you are coming from using a non-VB product and want to try ours, no stress, we want to help you out! We have a trade-in program that is a normal part of our repair service. If you sending us your old vaporizer will offer you a new Vaporbrothers at a steeply discounted price. See our repair page, or send any specific questions to our support.

Thank you for reading!

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genuine vaporbrothers logo

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fake vaporizer

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