Q: How does your vaporizer compare to the "Volcano Vaporizer" type device?

A: The two different types of vaporizers can be compared, even though their price range is completely different. Both vaporizers have positive and negative aspects. The VB method is simpler but requires some time and experimentation to master. Volcano is more hands off and needs less learning. 

We find that VB customers prefer our quiet intuitive method, silent operation, and dense sweet tasting vapor. This doesn’t mean the Volcano doesn’t deliver; in fact it is extremely effective and easy to use, and the company has a high reputation.

The Volcano is a top of the line product ($500-$600) which fills a bag with pure vapor. It is a real product (no joke) and is built solidly inside and out. They have views of their workshop at http://www.storz-bickel.com/vaporiser/storz-bickel-company-vaporiser-manufacturer.html. It is very effective for elderly or medical patients who need a light mist that is very easy to inhale. Temperature can be set precisely and does not drift off target. It’s quite a luxury to take the bag of vapor to someone in another room- something you can’t do with our product. 

Volcano has its drawbacks; it’s motor and crinkly plastic bag make unwelcome noise and it can be awkward to use. We gave it a good try, got used to the machine-like aspects, and discovered our own way to duplicate the quality of vapor that we can get from a VB vaporizer. But without a good supply of organic botanical blends, you might find the homogeneous tasting vapor to be ultimately unsatisfying.

Vaporbrothers is a much different device. It is unobtrusive, intuitive and efficient with small amounts of organic botanical blends. It produces a dense sweet tasting vapor immediately with no waiting. The temperature can be varied greatly, allowing the user to decide either an expansive true-vapor experience, or a more full-bodied inhale. Drawbacks include: Temperature control not hands-off like the Volcano. The VB temp knob must be adjusted for different conditions. 

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