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VB1 Vapor Box Warranty Service

Choose from these options:


Order repair on the website (click here). Ship your vaporizer to the address we give you.

Or replace your old vaporizer entirely for the warranty trade-in price (click here). If you get the replacement vaporzier it's optional to donate your vaporizer to us- Contact us for more details on donation.


Print a paper repair form and ship it with your box, or use it to order a replacement vaporizer Click Here to Open the Vapor Box Repair Request Form

No computer, no printer? Just ship your vaporizer to us and include a note with all we need to know. Put payment info on the note if needed, or call us to pay over the phone.

(if file is not showing, right click on link and select "Save target as". This file opens with Adobe Acrobat)

Vaporbrothers warrants and will fix manufacturer defects on our "VB1" box vaporizers for the lifetime of the device. Heater or electronic burnout occurring through wear and tear are covered for free up to 3 years after purchase. See below for details. We will ship the repaired vaporizer back to you within about 2 weeks.

Accessories like the Whip handpiece are not covered by our warranty, although if they break right after purchase we will help you out with a replacement for free or low cost. Please note that scientific glass is very strong but builds up microscopic damage from months or years of handling, sometimes breaking unexpectedly.

We offer substantial discounts for current vaporizer owners to get a brand new vaporizer. This "Trade-In" deal is available to VB owners regardless of if you bought your vaporizer from a dealer or secondhand. We cannot fix vaporizers from competitor brands but will offer the Trade-In deal to owners of other brand vaporizer boxes.

Vaporizers before serial number 27441 (2004 or earlier) are considered "too old to fix" so please see our "Trade-In deal."

Read the fine print here: Vaporbrothers limited lifetime warranty 

General info about our warranty

No proof of purchase or RMA authorizations are needed to accomplish repair. Turn around time for repair is about 2 weeks. You can request a rush put on your repair, although that does not expedite shipping.

New vaporizers less than 3 years old: Any vaporizer with a defect verified by us, or any electrical failure at all before 3 years of life will be fixed at our facility and returned to you for no charge to the USA. (Overseas shipping is discounted by $20. Excess shipping charges to the USA, such as from expediting or buying extra parts get discounted by $10)

Vaporizers older than 3 years: The warranty sets flat rate repair rates for refurbishment. Old and worn vaporizers often get all new internal electronic components for no extra charge. Wooden box damage may necessitate an extra fee to replace the box entirely. Return USPS Priority shipping is free in the USA, or discounted by $20 for overseas, or discounted by $10 for expedited and for adding extra items to the order.

Very old vaporizers built before June 2004: Vaporizers with serial number under 27441 cannot be fixed and must be traded in for new. (see the trade-in discount on the repair page or on the printed repair form)

If it's a "lifetime warranty" why isn't it free? The terms of the limited lifetime warranty terms repair “manufacturer defect” for free. After the vaporizer has worked for a few years, we consider heater or electronic failure as occurring from wear and tear. The warranty sets a low flat rate on refurbishing a vaporizer. It’s well worth sending your vaporizer in for refurbishment as it can benefit you for decades.

Right to repair: We're told to say that there are no user serviceable parts inside, but we're willing to work with people experienced in electronics repair. You must be competent to work around household electricity and laser focused on the details. If a vaporizer is not put back together exactly right the heater could slip out of place and cause a fire. If you are overseas or otherwise don't want to mail your vaporizer to us, you may ask us for parts. The power control requires recalibration to the new heater so that the vaporizer consumes 32W at 115VAC. If you're up to this talk to us and we will consider waiving the warranty requirement.

Extension of warranty terms for repaired vaporizers: If your vaporizer breaks within 1 year of our repair we will fix it again for free. Contact us asap.

Attention everybody: Any vaporizer of our type (including knockoffs of VB!) may be traded for a brand new VB1 vaporizer at almost half the normal retail price. You don't actually have to send us your old unit unless you'd like to donate it to a veteran or patient with serious conditions. Navigate to the trade-in replacement deal and pick your vaporizer type and color in the drop down menu.

VB1 Expanded Warranty

Buy an expanded warranty for accident protection and free repairs for 2 years! You may purchase online here or offline using the printed repair form.

SSV Sidekick Warranty Service

Any issues whatsoever let us know at our contact form. We will forward you to the factory only if we can't solve the problem.

Elev8 also has a plethora of videos for troubleshooting on their Elev8 Youtube Channel You will find a video on every product they have and how to fix or modify them.

VB Eleven & Dabbler Vapor Pen Warranty Replacement

Dabbler and VB Eleven warranties are time sensitive and need your proof of purchase for free replacement in the first 90 days from sale.
Heaters are not returnable if used with oils, so be sure to test them out dry before using. (this does not hurt our pen) Please be aware that your warranty covers defects including battery issues, but not wear and tear or bending apart in your pocket, or use with other brands. If you believe your pen is defective, contact us with a brief description of what is wrong and we'll let you know how to get a replacement.

If your battery fails to operate beyond 90 days from purchase, your warranty allows you a replacement battery for only $14.

For battery replacement beyond 90 days from sale, order on the website (click here). We will approve the replacement once we review your purchase history. We may require you to return your old battery.

VB2 Wax Converter (VB2.0 and VB2.5)

We have a mail-in service for VB2 and reasonable costs for refurbishment of wear and tear. VB2's within their 2 year expanded warranties pay no cost for repair.
VB2.0 models (with the white color heater) may be fixed at home by the brave. Let us know if you want to try adjusting the Low, Medium, and High temperatures yourself, or replace the heater.
VB2.5 (with the gray silicon nitride heater) may also be adjusted, but must be sent in if the unit flashes red or stops heating.
Please contact us with your serial number and we will take it from there.

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