Let's face it, the healthy effects of a vaporizer can be compromised by contaminants in the inhalation- possibly from a vaporizer's inner workings (what we focus on)- but more so from the herbal medicine itself! Even good quality herbs can contain pesticide residues.

McFinn's was developed by SI Pipes to filter the contaminants in herbs, including pesticides, mold, and dust. Their products are made in the USA. They care deeply about the health of people and can prove it with the results of their Werc Shop study here. (pdf)

Werc Shop Waterpipe Safety Study

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McFinns Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon Filter Material
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    Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon is processed in a way that millions of microscopic air spaces are created; airspaces that help to capture the impurities and tars. Each container of Coconut Carbon holds approximately six (6) ounces of carbon that will refill a Standard filter about 25 times and an Ultra filter about 18 times. McFinn's Standard glass filter holds approximately 1/4 ounce of Coconut Carbon and McFinn's Ultra glass filter holds approximately 1/3 ounce of Coconut Carbon. In tests...

    McFinns Carbon Filter Kit
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      Vapor is already so pure and easy to take in, so why filter it further? Well, the herbs we vaporize are often grown with the help of toxic fungicides and pesticides. Even "organic" or "top shelf" varieties may be contaminated without our knowledge. Furthermore, some medical conditions require avoiding inhaling particulates of herbs. This filter method has been tested and proven to capture particles and reduce the exposure to chemicals. McFinn's was developed by SI Pipes to...

      McFinns Organic Cotton Filter Material
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        Organic Cotton acts as a natural agent to filter out impurities and in doing so gives you a smoother inhalation. The use of Organic Cotton is very important as conventional cotton is treated with synthetically produced chemicals. In order to fully benefit from Scientific Inhalations breakthrough technology you should only use Organic Cotton to filter your loose leaf. Each container of Organic Cotton holds approximately 50 cotton balls. In tests McFinn's have found that close to 10 inhalations...

        Since McFinn's also filters particulates, this is THE solution for people who are sensitive to inhaling solid plant matter of any amount. McFinn's can be used on almost any vaporizer or smoking apparatus.

        First choose glass filter that matches your existing rig, and get at least one of each: 1) Coconut Carbon and 2) Organic Cotton.

        Organic cotton is important, because if it's not organic the beneficial effects of blocking pesticide residue will be reversed. Be safe with the quality of your herbs, and be safer by using McFinn's filters. Vaporizing is very efficient at evaporating substances to be inhaled, so it's best to use a filter to be sure you're inhaling the part you need.