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Stand - Slide Holder
Retail: $26.00
Price: $14.99
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Vaporbrothers Item #: 8772 -

    Currently available in 10 and 14, Female only. Same stand that comes with our In-line bubblers. Need a different joint? Send us a request and we will consider to carry it!Pricing is extremely competitive with slide holders of lesser quality. We believe that if you're going to balance something of value on this it definitely needs to be 90 degrees aligned and wide in the base or else your piece could fall over and break! This stand is made locally in the U.S.A. for best materials and...

    Glass Diffuser Beads for Waterpipes
    Price: $5.99
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    7th Floor Item #: 9412-DIFBX100 -

      Recommended to buy one pack if your bubbler is a small handheld type, or if you want to use these as "terp pearls" inside a banger.  For our "High Performance Hydrator" and other small size bubblers, use 2-3 packs to fill the space around the showerhead. Most waterpipes use anywhere from 4 to 8 packs. In general, fill your waterpipe as you normally would, and add beads until the bubbles are forced to permeate through the beads. Pour out the water until the splash is not inhaled on a...

      Showerhead Glass Stem For High Performance Hydrator (18.8mm) vaporbrothers, hydrator parts
      Retail: $35.99
      Price: $25.99
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      Vaporbrothers Item #: 8768 -

        Vaporbrothers developed this unique downstem for use with their High Performance Hydrator. The showerhead design features 7 fire polished slits for the ultimate vapor diffusion through water. Fits into a female 18.8mm joint and features a female 14.4mm joint for connecting to various adapters. Replace the mouthpiece on your vaporizer whip with a male 14.4 ground glass adaptor (sold separately) for a cooling vapor experience. The Vaporbrothers High Performance Hydrator and 14.4mm angled...

        Vaporbrothers Replacement Glass Stem For Old Fancy Hydrators vaporbrothers hydrator stem
        Retail: $11.99
        Price: $3.99
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        Vaporbrothers Item #: 8762 -

          Replacement ground glass downstem for the older Vaporbrothers Colored, Fritted and Fumed Fancy Hydrators. Does not work with the Vaporbrothers Precision Hydrators or the Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator. 

          Keck Clips keck clip, keck
          Price: $7.99
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          Item #: 8765 -

            Keck Clips are used to keep ground glass adapters from slipping out of their joints. They help eliminate the most common cause of glass breaking. Keck clips may vary slightly from those pictured. Perfect for protecting Hydrators, bubblers, VB2 and more.