• McFinn's Carbon Filter Kit - 8401
  • McFinn's Carbon Filter Kit - 8401
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    Vapor is already so pure and easy to take in, so why filter it further?

    Well, the herbs we vaporize are often grown with the help of toxic fungicides and pesticides. Even "organic" or "top shelf" varieties may be contaminated without our knowledge. Furthermore, some medical conditions require avoiding inhaling particulates of herbs. This filter method has been tested and proven to capture particles and reduce the exposure to chemicals.

    McFinn's was developed by SI Pipes to filter the contaminants in herbs, including pesticides, mold, and dust. Their products are made in the USA. They care deeply about the health of people and can prove it with the results of their Werc Shop study here. (pdf)

    Werc Shop Waterpipe Safety Study

    Choose the 14mm version to fit our our Mini or High Performance Hydrator bubblers. (Vaporizer and Hydrators sold separately)

    Options that have an 18mm Female on top require an 18mm (also known as 19mm) H20 Adapter to connect to your Whip hose. Select the add-on option above or purchase separately here: 19mm Angled Male H2O Waterpipe Adapter

    Option with 14mm Male on top and bottom is perfect for a 14MM bucket (Quartz nail with 14mm Female on the bottom) connection to a 14mm female waterpipe. If connecting this option to a vaporizer you'd need to get our 14mm Angled Female H2O Adapter

    This piece comes with a sample pack of cotton and coconut carbon. Buy more by selecting the add-on option above, or purchase separately here: Organic Cotton and Organic Carbon. Keep both in your arsenal.

    Fill the chamber with a teaspoon or two of Organic Coconut Carbon. (Don't use ordinary carbon!) Take a small pinch of Organic Cotton and tease the fibers out until it can pass air without restriction. Set it in the top of the chamber to help hold the carbon in place. You may experiment with the cotton in the bottom of the chamber as well.

    Please beware that non-organic carbon or cotton are not safe for inhalation.


    Top: Choice of Joints- The best one is the largest opening for dropping in your filter material. Get the Female Joint 18mm (same as 19mm) - Fits our 19mm H2O Adapter
    Bottom: Choice of Male Joint 14mm or 19mm - Fits into your waterpipe
    Height of piece: 4""

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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    SI Carbon filter 18mm

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    • clean air hits
    • much less tar
    • much cleaner water and bong
    • a little tricky to clean
    • charcoal costs
    I use a lot of cannabis for crohn's and several other autoimmune disorders. this filter with some organic cotton makes difference in the world. You cant beat the price and delivery

    SI Carbon filter 18mm

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • filters out so much bad stuff
    • easy to clean
    • cost and frequency of changing out coal
    This company and the glass filter for charcoal is just incredible. To add some organic cotton is that much better(it does get nast fast) needs changing often for best results. nothing is as good as after you clean it and add all fresh coal and cotton to it. A must have piece in 18 or 14mm.