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Vaporbrothers Dabbler by Vape-Pen vaporbrothers, vaporizer, portable vaporizer, dabbler, vape pen, portable vaporbrothers, vapor brothers, vaporbrothers dabbler,
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Price: $99.99
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Vaporbrothers Item #: 9101-VPDK1 -

    Vaporbrothers Dabbler is No Ordinary PenBetter grade lithium means the battery lasts longerSpecially sourced Inconel heating wire - complements of the European space industry!High quality glass fiber wick offers the best in efficiency and cleanlinessCustom programmed microprocessor keeps the heater at the temperature for perfect tasteMini USB "pass-through" in the base - no separate charger to lose!Whole kit including the case fits in your pocketLimited warranty with rapid battery replacement...

    VB Eleven Mini USB Cable, 2.5 Ft.
    Retail: $9.99
    Price: $4.99
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    Vaporbrothers Item #: 9108 -

      The two and half foot mini usb cable is perfect for times when you'd like to use your vapor pen while charging.

      Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Cosmetic Discount
      Price: $179.99
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      Vaporbrothers Item #: 8640-COS -

      It's the same exact unit except with chance of dents, scratches, bubbles in the finish, or something else that prevented us from selling the unit at full price.Officially we have a "1 Year Warranty" on these boxes but we will continue to fix them up to the point where they are unfixable (approx 10 years of use) for a nominal service charge, currently at $70.To reduce the cost of this model the EZ Change Whip is replaced with the Classic Glass Whip and the Aromabulb is not included.Feel free to...