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VB 1 to VB 1.5 Conversion
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  • VB1.5 Conversion 25th Anniversary Discount

This service is for existing VB1 owners (Serial # 27441 and up) who wish to convert their VB1 to a VB 1.5. Your vaporizer does not need to be working to get the conversion since we replace the electronics and cord anyway. Get ready for the newest best heater with the VB1.5 Ball Mod! Choose Glass Beads for thicker hits at lower settings, also with the least restrictive airflow. Works with concentrates too!Choose Ceramic Beads for hotter hits and the best operation with...

VB1 Vapor Box Repair Vaporbrothers, Repair, Vaporbrothers
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Vaporbrothers Item #: VB-Repair-9008 -

Consider getting your VB1 upgraded to our brand new, VB1.5, with upgraded heater and internal mount!  What Vaporizers are Eligible for Repair? All Vaporbrothers box vaporizers are covered by our limited lifetime warranty regardless of their age or how they were sold or transferred. Vaporbrothers' warranty specifies free repair for manufacturer defect, along with flat rate repair for wear and tear. We allow indefinite free repair for manufacturer defects, for...

Prepaid US Mail Return Shipping Box for sending your vaporizer to VB Vaporbrothers, Repair, Vaporbrothers
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Receive a prepaid return box at your specified address. Utilize this box, along with the included bubble wrap, to send only the main wooden unit of your vaporizer to us for service. Please refrain from including any accessories or glassware. Safely bundle your vaporizer with the bubble wrap, paying special attention to protecting the front of the unit.

VB1 Wxpandable Warranty
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Price: $76.00
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Vaporbrothers Item #: 9005 -

Optional extended warranty for VB1 vapor boxesAvailable for all colors and models with serial numbers greater than 29774Additional wear-out and accident protection beyond your unit's included warrantyEliminates warranty service charges for 5 yearsFree return shipping within the USA and $20 discount for overseas return shipping.Accident protectionExpedited repair (1-2 weeks instead of 2-4) Unlimited repairs for 5 years. (Actual abuse or bad conditions excepted) Free special services such...

VB2 Repair Vaporizer accessory, vapor, Vaporbrothers
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Vaporbrothers Item #: VB2-Repair-9009 -

Instructions for repair: 1. Please note repair is free for VB2 vaporizers under 2 years old. Contact us if your VB2 was purchased less than 2 years from the original sale. Also note that we can send you a replacement heater if you want to fix your VB2 at home. Contact us for instructions. 2. Clean out your VB2 vaporizer thoroughly and pack the base unit alone (not including accessories like the glass Dome) securely into a small box. The box should be at least 8x5x5 inches but not much larger...

Engineering, Sourcing, Consulting Service
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    This is intended for covering labor associated with VB's Engineering Design Service Agreement

    Rush Order
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      Rushed serviceWe will prepare your order first and take it to the mail as soon as we can. Does not expedite shipping.