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Note: You get 300 additional rewards points with this order in gratitude for going through the repair process with us. (currently worth $15) Please let us know if you need any assistance with the process.

What Vaporizers are Eligible for Repair?

All Vaporbrothers box vaporizers are covered by our limited lifetime warranty regardless of their age or how they were sold or transferred. Vaporbrothers' warranty specifies free repair for manufacturer defect, along with flat rate repair for wear and tear. We will allow you free repair for almost any reason before the vaporizer is about 3 years old.

Vaporizers older than 2004 (serial number under 27441) can't be fixed due to the parts not existing anymore. Your warranty allows you a brand new replacement vaporizer at approximately 30-40% off the lowest online price. 

Not Eligible for repair, or want to replace the vaporizer entirely?

All Vaporbrothers box vaporizers are under the limited lifetime warranty but some may be too old to fix or too destroyed to repair. Maybe you just want a new one and new glassware? Check the option for replacing the vaporizer entirely. We will contact you to get your old vaporizer back. Your vaporizer may be fixed up and donated to a medical patient or veteran.

If your vaporizer is not made by us, it can't be repaired by us, BUT we will offer to you the same deal that our customers get for trade-in! Take this offer to get a real VB unit for the trade-in discount! Order your replacement in the dropdown menu above.

Please contact us if you have questions about this trade-in program.

Instructions for repair:

1. Please look at the serial number on the bottom of your vaporizer and choose the right level of repair in the drop down menu above. Repair is free for vaporizers under 3 years old. Your warranty specifies a flat rate for refurbishment of older vaporizers.

2. Clean out your vaporizer thoroughly and pack the wooden unit alone (not including accessories like the glass Whip) securely into a small box. The box should be at least 8x5x5 inches but not much larger or else your shipping rate could rise. 

3. Mail your vaporizer to us at the address below. We find that US Mail gives the best combination of reliability and cost. Don't overpay for shipping by adding too much heavy packaging! From any US location, shipping should never be over $12.80.

Vaporbrothers Repair
15507 S. Normandie Ave #442
Gardena, CA 90247

Important: Save your tracking number for following up on the package. You are responsible for your vaporizer until it is received at our address.

What to Expect:

Lead time for vaporizer repair is up to 2 weeks. Typical repairs involve replacing all worn electronic components including the heater. Any old versions with metal heating elements will be upgraded to our latest ceramic heater. We thoroughly run test vaporizers so that they are good to last years more.

Repairs come with free USPS Priority shipping to any USA location. International shipping is available for a surcharge of $25 for 6-10 day Priority Mail International or $45 for 3-5 day Priority Mail Express International.

Alternative to ordering online:

If you prefer not to order repair on the website, you may send your vaporizer to the address above, including this pdf printed and filled out. You may order accessories at discount on the form- a deal only available to customers at the time of repair.

See warranty details for all Vaporbrothers Vaporizers, Pens, and VB2 here. Ask us any questions at our contact page!

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Probably the best

  • Easy
  • Quick Heating
  • Good Value
I've been using these for years actually, in specific the vb1. The other brands and ghetto mart versions do not compare. I've only had one poop out on me and I was very surprised but in its defense it was used very heavily for 3 1/2 years. When I say heavily I mean left on all day every day for 3 1/2 years.

This by far is superior to dry vape pens and if the stem breaks (happens all the time), I adapted a bowl and stem combo to it. I have mine in a table with a 10 ft hose and a bowl and stem. I modded the hose with a nuka cola bottle (close to the bowl, like 8in) for a nice bubbler and ice chamber.
This is my favorite vape on the market hands down!