The best vapor we've got from a flower portable

For users who need a portable solution here is one that we recommend. We are too busy building our vapor box so we are happy to search and find a comparable experience built by another respected US company.

Sidekick is not the sleekest or smallest portable out there but gives way better hits in return. People tell us that most portables smell like plastic and stop working after a while. Not so with Sidekick, as the vaporizer is USA made with no plastic parts to contaminate the vapor. Sidekick's ceramic bowl is capable of true convection hits that are reminiscent of our own box vaporizer.

Sidekick works primarily for loose leaf herbs but also comes with a cup and tools for concentrates.

Since our founding we've been asked to make a portable way to vaporize herbs, but we have never found portable technology that gives the taste or satisfaction of the desktop vaporizer that we build. Thankfully another company in our industry has gone through the effort to build a decent portable with minimal drawbacks, and we prefer to feature their vaporizer to you.

Sidekick keeps working after years due to it's easy cleanout methods and replaceable batteries. The vapor cools down over a long airpath with a helix shaped cooling chamber in the middle. The Sidekick is easy to disassemble and clean thoroughly.

Hits come easy with a non restricted airflow, making this the best portable herb vaporizer we have ever tried.  Sidekick has a generously sized ceramic bowl and an innovative way to stir the contents while you vaporize. We love the ability to get full vapor hits without fuss. The vapor path does not smell like plastic or electronics and the whole path is cleanable.

Sidekick kits come with a wonderful bag of tools including a concentrate dish. More accessories can be found here.

Our recommendation: Get Sidekick version V1 for great hits at a decent price, or V2 for a much better battery and tighter fitting parts.

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SideKick V2 Portable Vaporizer for Herbs and Oils Ssv Portable, Dbv Portable, Portable Vape, Portable Herb Vape, Portable Vaporizer, Portable Silver Surfer, , 7Th Floor
Retail: $275.00
Price: $224.00-$228.00
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7th Floor Item #: 9412-SKPVV2 -

    SideKick V2 is the latest version of this portable vaporizer with significantly longer battery life. The SideKick portable vaporizer is made with the same care and quality as 7th Floor's flagship vape the Silver Surfer. The SideKick was years in the making but well worth the wait for SSV and DBV fans looking for a portable vape option. This vaporizer hits better than any other portable that we have tried, including Pax, DaVinci, and Storz and Bickel. There is no restriction to the airflow...