Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Since the beginning, we've kept a close eye on the materials used in our vaporizer production. Through our vigilance, we've eliminated the chance of you being exposed to lead, mercury and many other substances found in consumer items. Vaporizers necessarily get very hot inside, which means they are gassing out chemicals if the designers aren't totally committed to engineering for high temperature.

We personally wouldn't want to inhale anything other than the essences of the plants, so you can be assured that every part of the vaporizer has been scrutinized by us for handling temperature. We want our products to taste clean and sustain heavy use at the same time.

Vaporbrothers vaporizers have been subjected to numerous air quality tests along with individual material testing of internal components. See an example of our overall air quality test here: VB1 Air Quality Test Result

Vaporbrothers also scrutinizes our accessories and consumables as well. You can be assured that the glass is strong, the handmade items are consistent, oils and blends are 100% organic. Everything should be good, or else it doesn't belong at Vaporbrothers.

If you have any questions or comments about Vaporbrothers products please let us know! You can ask anything of our product creators, including our choice of materials, specifics about the components, or the way we test our products. In most cases we can answer your concern fully without pleading confidentiality. Thank you for your interest!