*** Discontinued due to circumstances beyond our control ***

VB Eleven Pen and its predecessor Dabbler are the most economical and convenient way to melt solid and waxy extracts on the go. Due to the fact that these pens have a similar appearance to vape pens that work with nicotine liquids, we cannot feature our pens any longer. 

Despite the fact that none of our products work with nicotine, all the major shipping companies have banned "vape pens," and they do not want our dab pen either. UPS, FedEx, and DHL have abruptly closed the accounts of companies that use the term vaporizer to describe any product, vape pen or not. It's an unfortunate mischaracterization, but it mirrors a new rule snuck into the 2020 Omnibus Bill. The bill attempts to classify all liquid vape pens as tobacco devices, regardless of if they are used with nicotine juice, or any non-nicotine oil based solution! Suffice it to say, our products do not aerosolize a liquid or any oil based solution.

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Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pens 2016 Trio Edition
Retail: $99.99
Price: $44.00
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    The latest upgrade to our award winning wax pen.** For Wax/Oils and Herbal Extracts only. Not for liquid (e-juice) or dry herbs. VB Eleven is packed with features that make it our best vape pen to date! Trio Kit features 3 different heaters: single coil and dual coil ceramic core plus single coil quartzFeatures our time tested EVOD style battery- Sleeker, smarter, better Flush mount button with charge level indication. Battery is 3.7V Every unit we sell has been charged and tested at full...

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    **Vaporbrothers was awarded "Best Standard Pen*" by Hightimes Magazine in 2014, and was called out this year for its strong hit.

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