*** Discontinued due to circumstances beyond our control ***

Dabbler was no ordinary pen when we launched two years ago. It promptly won High Times Magazine's Award for "Best Standard Pen." (2014)

Dabbler got to this fully on its own! Nobody paid High Times to win us this award. Dabbler's space age Inconel wire and 3 X quality control made it cost more but its users chose it for dependability.

Vaporbrothers' Dabbler has been succeeded by VB Eleven Pen, a more cost effective pen loaded with features customers wanted the most. See the latest embodiment of VB Eleven Pen here.

Dabbler is the most economical and convenient way to melt solid and waxy extracts on the go. Due to the fact that these pens have a similar appearance to vape pens that work with nicotine liquids, we cannot feature our pens any longer. 

Despite the fact that none of our products work with nicotine, all the major shipping companies have banned "vape pens." It's an unfortunate mischaracterization, but it mirrors a new rule snuck into the 2020 Omnibus Bill. The bill attempts to classify all liquid vape pens as tobacco devices, regardless of if they are used with nicotine juice, or any non-nicotine oil based solution! Suffice it to say, our products do not aerosolize a liquid or any oil based solution.

For legacy users, see the VB Eleven Pen Instruction Manual

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Vapobrothers Dabbler was manufactured by Vape-Pen Inc., the originator of the first vape pen for oils in America. (approx 2007)

**As seen in High Times Magazine 2014 Vapor Pen Buyer's Guide (print version) Online copy: here.