Vaporbrothers® Dabbler Portable Pen Vaporizer


High Times Magazine's "Best Standard Pen" Vaporizer of 2014*


VAPORBROTHERS® DABBLERby Vape-Pen®Vaporbrothers Dabbler

Dabbler is replaced by the new VB Eleven Pen - Check it out here.


Dabbler is replaced by the new VB Eleven Pen - Check it out here.

filigreecaseDabbler Kit Includes
*Vaporbrothers® Dabbler™ by Vape-Pen®
*Mini Pick Tool
*USB Adapter
*Pocket Case
*1yr Warranty

Available Colors:
Black, Silver, Filigree

MSRP $129.00  Now $99.99
Dabbler's successor, VB Eleven Pen


Makes a very smart purchase!

  • Specially sourced "LiPo" batteries improve
  •    the life and reliability of lithium batteries

  • Inconel wire remains inert at full temperature  
  • High quality wick does not burn when run dry
  • Microprocessor control maintains the perfect
  •      temperature for taste and long heater life

  • Easy to load ceramic chamber
  • Mini USB port allows use while charging
  • Safety assured with battery protection circuit
  • Whole kit including the case fits in your pocket

    Each Dabbler is tested 3 times at full temperature to assure quality

    Made with RoHS and ISO 9001 certified factories.

    Designed and assembled by Vape-Pen Inc. in the U.S.A.


    Many accessories & spare parts are available!



    A word from Vaporbrothers

    Finally, a vapor pen that is built to last, takes only a moment to load and stays charged all week!  Designed by the originator of the vapor pen, this unit answers the issues that enthusiasts tell us matter the most. 

    Dabbler is packed with upgrades that make it worlds different than similar looking devices on the market.  No other pen delivers the size and flavor of the Dabbler, or lasts as long.  We individually check each Dabbler to ensure your unit works as well as we intended.

    Dabbler is backed by Vaporbrothers warranty coverage, including 1 year on the battery and 90 days on any heater defects.  The warranty is included at no additional charge, meaning you will not need to register or buy a warranty to be protected. See full details at our repair page or contact us.



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