The news of the VapeXhale company closing has left us deeply saddened. VapeXhale was a prestigious company in the vaporizing industry, a high tech plug-in vaporizer that prioritized taste and clean vapor. Users said that it gave a hit similar to the Vaporbrothers and worked even better for herbal concentrates. Before their website was taken down, an open letter on their homepage cited supply chain difficulties as the reason for the closure of this esteemed OG business. We extend our best wishes to the team and hope that this closure can somehow be reversed. We understand how challenging it has been to source glass and custom OEM components recently, and our inventory is exceedingly difficult to maintain. We are eagerly waiting to hear from VapeXhale about repair options for their customers, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

We also have some good news to share with current VapeXhale owners. Vaporbrothers is now offering the same warranty replacement to VapeXhale owners as we do to our own customers. If you're interested in purchasing a Vaporbrothers vaporizer at a deeply discounted price, please visit our VB1 Trade-In Deal and mention your VX serial number in the order notes. You don't need to trade in your current vaporizer unless you want to donate a working unit to patients. Thank you.

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VX baskets
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    • High grade, 304 stainless steel mesh• Compatible model to replace VapeXhale ELBThese herb baskets are for VapeXhale Cloud EVO vaporizers. Each basket has a top and bottom mesh made from stainless steel. This pack contains four baskets.The smaller screen basket may be used for Boundless CFX vape modifications. Keep in mind these baskets were not designed for this purpose but according to many internet reports they work great for that.Height - 28mmDiameter of Mesh Section - 10.5mmOutside...