This is the first of its kind - an easy conversion method for herbal oils and solids materials. Also known as the Honey Pot the first embodiment of this vaporizer appeared almost 10 years ago.

VB2 evaporates a small amount of extract at once, letting you inhale with less harshness or coughing. 

VB2 looks like a hot pot and can sit out on the counter without looking like a science project. The heater can be left on so that there is no delay between hits.

Nicknames given over the years: Wax Converter, Cheese box, Honey Pot, Crock Pot and others.

VB2 does not follow from any previous type of vaporizers (except hot knives). Vaporbrothers founder considers this new invention the next type of vaporizer.

Nothing beats dropping your favorite herbal extracts down the hole and inhaling thick vapor moments later. Check out VB2 videos or more info on the VB2 page .

VB2 is out of production while we focus on our website and VB1. If you know someone who wants to invest to make VB2 happen faster, definitely let us know!

VB2 Wax Converter

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Expanded Warranty for VB2 Multi Converter
Price: $145.00
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Item #: 9001 -

Optional expanded warranty for VB2 (Models VB2.0 and VB2.5) Comprehensive accident protectionWear & tear and other items not covered by the included warrantyUnlimited repairs for 2 yearsApplies to all parts in the VB2 base unit (not glass accessories)Purchase or re-purchase any timeTransferable to the new owner if you sell your unit Protect your investment with a Super Warranty from Vaporbrothers. VB2's included Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects in workmanship, but not wear and tear or...

VB2 Repair Vaporizer accessory, vapor, Vaporbrothers
Price: $149.00
Availability: In Stock
Vaporbrothers Item #: VB2-Repair-9009 -

Instructions for repair: 1. Please note repair is free for VB2 vaporizers under 2 years old. Contact us if your VB2 was purchased less than 2 years from the original sale. Also note that we can send you a replacement heater if you want to fix your VB2 at home. Contact us for instructions. 2. Clean out your VB2 vaporizer thoroughly and pack the base unit alone (not including accessories like the glass Dome) securely into a small box. The box should be at least 8x5x5 inches but not much larger...