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The newness and unexpected amazingness of vaporizing meant that people wanted to add it to their creative ventures. Vaporbrothers vapor boxes were iconic for more than a decade, and showed up in various movies and TV shows.

In most of the cases we responded to requests for permission to feature the vaporizer. We were mostly willing, provided the vaporizer was not part of a product placement. (We were very anti-commercial when it came to the arts) Only for HBO's Weeds did we actually compensate for featuring us on screen, in the form of dozens of vaporizers for the cast and crew.

Here are some places where our vaporizer has been seen:


Alpha Dog (2006)

Vaporizer in Movies

Appears in Johnny Truelove's house (Is that Neil Hursh?), and Justin's house on his dresser near the bar area.

String Theory (2002)

Directed by Jake Freydont-Attie and Josh Milrad

I'll See You In My Dreams (2015)

Shown without permission, but with our blessing after the fact!

This Is The End (2013)

Shown without permission, but with our blessing after the fact!

The Green Goddess (2016, unconfirmed)

Producer Marc Schultz sought our permission to include the vaporizer but we're not sure where it is in the movie.

Super High Me (2007)

Steve Perkins and Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction) shows Sarah Silverman how to use the vaporizer. As with most appearances on TV this was the producers' own idea and was done without our knowledge. Our permission comes after the fact though!


Weeds (2008-2012)

Featured 3 times between 2008 and 2012

Entertainment Tonight (2002)

Early painted version of our vaporizer (under serial #100) snuck into the background. Interview of Jake Freydont-Attie and Josh Milrad, possibly about their film String Theory.

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