• VB2 Inline Hydrator with Stand - 8901
  • VB2 Inline Hydrator with Stand - 8901
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    Make your VB2 Wax Converter one piece by topping it with this Hydrator, designed by Linus & Zach P.

    • Shortest air path water filtration for best flavor retention
    • No restrictions - Designed with wide open holes throughout
    • Bubbles well on minimal water volume - Less reclaim loss
    • Spill resistant even when turned upside down
    • Wide base stand - Not wobbly or inconsistent
    • All borosilicate U.S.A. Made

    Eliminate hoses with this direct top bubbler for the VB2. This unit was a favorite on the Adam Dunn Show because it made VB2 more compact and easy to pass around.

    Get the best flavor retention possible with less water volume and an extremely short air path. No bubbles or strange marks in the glass. Vaporbrothers glassblowing is among the best in the business - You will not get a wavy wobbly piece- Even the Stand is made with quality in mind.

    In the rare event that someone coughs or blows into the bubbler, this unit resists water getting into the VB2 by employing a tall center stem with increased volume. When filled appropriately it will bubble in reverse instead of getting water into places it shouldn't go.

    If used with Vaporbrothers VB2, requires a 14MM Dome if used with VB2 (Sold separately)

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    Inline Hydrator


    Requires matching Female Dome if used with VB2 (Sold separately)