• Glass Diffuser Beads for Waterpipes - 9412-DIFBX100-WHI
  • Glass Diffuser Beads for Waterpipes - 9412-DIFBX100-WHI
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    Create maximum filtration and eliminate splash in your waterpipe

    Only works on waterpipes with 3/8" or more open access for the beads to be admitted to the water chamber

      Size of Waterpipe  Number of packs needed
     Small Handheld Bubbler,
     or Use as Terp Pearls in Bangers
     1-2 packs
     Small Straight Tube or Bubbler 3 packs
     12" or Taller Waterpipe, or Beaker Style 5 packs
     Large Waterpipes 7 packs

    Recommended to buy one pack if your bubbler is a small handheld type, or if you want to use these as "terp pearls" inside a banger. 

    For our "High Performance Hydrator" and other small size bubblers, use 2-3 packs to fill the space around the showerhead. Most waterpipes use anywhere from 4 to 8 packs.

    In general, fill your waterpipe as you normally would, and add beads until the bubbles are forced to permeate through the beads. Pour out the water until the splash is not inhaled on a strong rip. 

    Beads will improve cooling and filtering of vapor or smoke. They break up large air bubbles, greatly increasing surface area in contact with the water.

    Each pack contains at least 100 pieces of 8mm glass beads.