• Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - High Performance Bubbler - 8745
  • Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - High Performance Bubbler - 8745
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    **New Lower Price**

    Our most versatile bubbler, designed by Linus & Zach P for vaporizing.

    • Removable downstem
    • Mini showerhead with 6-7 fire polished slits
    • Narrow down tube for minimal resistance at the beginning of a draw
    • Heavy wall borosilicate glass
    • Well-refined design with 14mm glass dewar

    Designed by our co-founder Linus and master blower Zach Puchowitz, the Vapor Brothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator allows you to filter and cool the vapor effortlessly. Connect your existing Vapor Brothers Whip to this Hydrator with the included 14mm Ground Glass Angled Adapter. Customers with sensitive throats and lungs will find this addition to their vaporizer invaluable.

    Stands approx. 8.75" tall (from bottom to top of the mouthpiece)

    4" wide base makes this hydrator very stable.

    The 14mm Ground Glass Downstem has a unique mini size shower head tip with seven fire polished slits for a smooth bubbling. Polished edges mean the glass will be stronger- a fine point lost on most bubblers today.

    Please clean often if used as an oil rig.

    An angled 14mm adaptor (included) replaces the mouthpiece on an vaporizer whip (not included) and fits the dewar on the hydrator. 

    Requires a Whip for operation with a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer. Vaporizer and Whip sold separately.

    Please note that small marks may be present from the original borosilicate tubing extrusion and from being made by hand.

    Hydrator Comparison Chart

    • Hydrator
    • 14mm Ground Glass Angled Adapter Male
    • 14mm Ground Glass Downstem Female

    Vaporbrothers Vaporizer and Whip sold separately.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Makes bad herb even smooth...

    Wow! What a glass piece. This piece is a necessary component or nice bonus to add to the desktop vaporizer. It takes bad herb even smooth. With a new lower price, it used to be more. So grab one now. From the guys who invented a revolution of vaping you won't be disappointed by them. The hits are smooth and clean.

    Tip. Cleaning is easy. Use 90% or higher alcohol with salt. Mix in the glass hydrator after use and rinse with hot water. Sparkling clean every time. Use clean water every time after done using and you've got a unique piece. Priced right and made here in USA by a company you can trust. Thanks Pete and Linus for your hard work. It's a great product.