Vaporbrothers Pens work for solid waxy extracts and do not aerosolize any solutions. Due to their similar look to devices that are being regulated soon, we are taking down most of our vape pen related parts and accessories. We will service existing users warranty issues.

*** Discontinued due to circumstances beyond our control ***

Even though we don't produce vaporizers that work with tobacco, an overreaching law was passed that threatens all devices that resemble an e-cig for tobacco. Our products don't work with nicotine at all, but we need to take extra caution to discontinue our vaporizers due to this law confusing them with e-cigs.

Due to the law, most providers of banking, internet services, and shipping (including UPS, DHL, FedEX) have banned vaporizer manufacturers from using their services. This affects all companies that use the word "vaporizer," whether they are desktop models or handheld. Google the "PACT Act" or "Vape Mail Ban" to learn more about this unfortunate legislation. Being banned also means wasting a lot of company time and incurs extra cost to stay in business.

Add to the legislative interference, the trade war fallout is still happening as small businesses have to pay 25% on every shipment from China, the source of all vape pen parts.

As an alternative to the vape pen, check out the DynaCoil for DynaVap.

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vb11 kit with heater and battery
Retail: $67.99
Price: $39.00
Availability: In Stock
Vaporbrothers Item #: 9376-MV -

New low price! USA Made Glassware! Our favorite and most functional attachment to the VB11 Pen.  We've taken the last stock of our famous VB11 Vapor Pens and used them to create these amazing kits! Each kit includes a VB11 pen, a Viper Mouthpiece of your choosing, a packing tool, a concentrate container, a Vaporbrothers Sticker, all inside a custom Vaporbrother's carrying case. This value is unmatched and the stock is limited, get yours while supplies last. Made with...