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    Intended for Vaporbrothers original style "All-Glass Whips" where the screen is captured within a groove in the glass. Not necessary for use with "EZ Whips" aka "Easy Screen Changing Whips," the type of Whip that breaks down into pieces. You can tell if have an EZ Whip: If your Whip has a Ceramic Screen or Silicone Whip Grip, you have an EZ Whip and don't need this kit.

    We use these tools to insert screens at our workshop. Includes a bamboo skewer, metal pick tool, and an assortment of screens.

    Most whips use the .75" screen, but Mini Whips use .625. We give you a few of each size.

    Reuse screens by cooking them to red-hot under a flame. Hold the screen carefully with pliers. A good Vaporbrothers stainless steel screen will last for years.

    Before you try replacing the screen in your whip please try drawing some boiling hot water into the whip to clean the screen in place. Often this is all that is needed.

    Not intended for "EZ Change Whips" since they don't need tools to change the screen.