Q: What's the story with Vaporbrothers and all the copycat versions?

A: Vaporbrothers has exclusively made the glass-on-glass vaporizer since we invented it in 1999. It provided a life altering experience, replacing smoking with something much better for our health, our wallets, and the environment. Our models worked so well that we had to make more just to meet the local demand in our town. Since then we have grown our company organically, step by step building a brand that is now known around the world. 

Unfortunately, our idea was easy to imitate, although the true Vaporbrothers experience cannot be duplicated by a simple look-alike. Since Vaporbrothers debuted as a company in 2001, we have seen numerous operations spring up to copy our design but without our standard of quality or health. At times these designs featured so-called “improvements” over our own, but these imitations were most of the time poorly planned, deficiently made, and even tasted like chemicals. Consumers who bought these imitation vaporizers have often mistakenly ended up with a bad impression of our style vaporizer.

Fortunately, we have continued the development of the vaporizer, perpetually refining the components, and ensuring that our vaporizers deliver satisfaction. New Vaporbrothers advances include the Natrual Mineral™ Heater, Hydrator Glassware, and Fancy Hands Free Whip® Handpieces. Development can be expensive and time consuming, but pays off in the end with better product and more understanding of the process. We are in business for the right reason: to bring this effective and practical alternative to smoking to the people who will benefit the most.

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