Q: Does your vaporizer have a ceramic heating element?

A: Yes! Vaporbrothers new NATURAL MINERAL™ HEATER is the first truly safe ceramic heating element approved for use in vaporizers. We use a proprietary ceramic, which gives you the ultimate in clean smooth taste and avoiding exposure to toxins. We spent 2 years working closely with a research institution to make our NATURAL MINERAL™ HEATER the cleanest possible and most reliable. You can vaporize with peace of mind knowing that all our products are factory tested and 3rd party lab verified to assure you a toxic-free experience. Other so-called “ceramic” elements on the market do not meet our standards for safety, and we recommend you give any “ceramic” heating element a critical eye. We have found other vaporizer brands using metal components in their “ceramic” heating elements, along with off-the-shelf parts intended for industry. Please be aware that you are inhaling directly off the heating element when you vaporize, so you need to be certain it was made with you in mind.

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