Q: How does your warranty compare to other "5 year" warranties?

A: • All the warranties from other brands that we've studied have hidden fees or difficulties with using their warranties. Some vapor pen brands give replacements without a fuss, but they definitely don't cover products over 90 days old.

Beware of copycat vaporizers that look like ours and have glass in the heater. Other companies sneakily don't cover the glass breaking in the unit. We cover internal glass without problem. (Accessories like the Whip handpiece are not covered; although if they break right away we will help you out with a replacement or a big discount)

Most vaporizer companies are hard to reach, and when you do reach them they require RMAs or make you jump through hoops to get repair. The cost can be high compared to a new unit.

Vaporbrothers has been around since 1999 and we often repair vaporizers that are 5-10 years old. Even if the vaporizers are too old to fix (2004 or earlier) we offer substantial discounts to replace with a brand new vaporizer.

Our warranty covers free repair up to 1 year and has reasonable flat fees to fix wear and tear and damage after that. Our repair automatically upgrades you to the latest heating element. In many cases you get the latest electronics as well.

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