Q: Can I fix my vaporizer myself? Do you sell parts for vaporizer repairs?

A: For the Original Vapor Box (VB1)

Most every part associated with our accessories can be purchased alone, such as replacement glass tips or new silicone grips for EZ Whips. We do not sell parts to fix your vaporizer base unit itself (the wood box or electronics within, except for $1 replacement feet.

A vaporizer that is operating too hot or cold can be adjusted by a micro screwdriver if you follow our procedure safely. Ask us if you have any questions. Check out our instructions for "How to hack your VB1."

To get your vapor box repaired, see our repair page.

For the VB Eleven Pen (VB11)

There are no user serviceable parts that we know of. If you've devised a way to fix your pen we'd like to know!

For the VB2 Wax Converter

Like the VB1, we provide a way for someone with a small screwdriver to change the temperature settings. We highly recommend you have a watt meter such as the P3 Kill A Watt Monitor and/or a Type K thermocouple temperature meter. Contact us for information about this.

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