Q: I notice a lot of "digital" vaporizers. Why don't you guys have one? Isn't it better to be digital?

A: "Digital" can mean several things. A truly digital vaporizer, such as Aromed, uses a small computer chip to control the temperature of the heating element, and yes, this is better if you don’t mind the price. Any other vaporizer, including ours, requires the user to adjust the knob as needed for correct vaporizing temperature.

Don’t be fooled by imitations of our product that feature a "Digital" display, because they do not display the actual temperature. All they really indicate is where you’ve set the knob. You already know where you set the knob. These vaporizers not only pretend to be digitally temperature controlled, but only allow a very crude adjustment of power in the critical range where vaporizing happens best. You’ll get much more precise control with our vaporizer.

In addition, we’ve found through 3rd party lab testing that the imitation “digital” vaporizers are not safe for inhalation, and contain dirty industrial materials that can off gas chemicals when they get hot. We strongly advise against using these devices.

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