Q: How does your vaporizer compare to Vapezilla or Vaporator vaporizer?

A: Like the Volcano vaporizer, the fan driven or rather, forced-air vaporizers such as Vaporator or Vapezilla have positive and negative aspects. We find that people prefer the quiet operation and sweeter taste of our vaporizer over the forced air type. Vapezilla has a lot of advantages, very high-end and durable in construction. It gives vapor that is very light and pure, and we think a better taste than Volcano. It is best for someone who has plenty of organic botanical blends to vaporize and doesn’t mind to take them all at once. The fans don’t push the vapor into your lungs; you still have to inhale, but the temperature of the draw is perfect every time. Sometimes you just want to stop the noise, so you may want to leave the Vapezilla off between uses.

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