Running your vaporizer on 12V in an RV or boat

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This is how you run a vaporizer or any other appliance under 150W in a boat or RV or automobile. 

An inverter is a power device that plugs into 12V lighter outlet and gives you 120V AC the same as what you get at home. The power you get from 12V batteries is severely limited though, as you'll run a battery down quickly if you plug ordinary AC appliances in. Select your inverter carefully.

Here is our recommendation for a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter if using for one VB1 Vapor Box Vaporizer. Wagan 150W Smart AC Inverter

We have used this one for years and even used to sell it ourselves. Our vaporizer boxes (VB1) draw about 30W continuously, and for a moment during initial startup they draw about 150W. The Wagan is able to handle the momentary full load just fine in our experience.

If you know you're going to be connecting more loads than about 100W, we suggest to get one of Wagan's larger inverters.  

This Wagan 150W model is our favorite because:

1. Recently upgraded to a plastic housing which is light and doesn't scratch things in your car.

2. USB power plug is super convenient.

3. Does not have loud fan noise. No extra battery drain from running a fan. Most larger inverters have fans.

4. Has a simple 12V lighter plug instead of needing to be connected to your battery posts.

5. Does not overload as easy as inverters in the past. Simply alerts and shuts down if the power exceeds the limits.

Beware if you shop inverters online because they most often advertise power ratings over what they can actually handle. Get one that has at least double the capacity as the load you intend to use. 

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