Vapor Box (VB1) Testimonials

Vaporbrothers' Original Box Style Vaporizer has positively affected countless health conscious consumers since we spread the notion of vaporizing in the early 2000's. This page is a small portion of positive comments we've received over the years. We hear all the time that we were the first introduction into vaporizing as a real thing for many, and that their first vaporizers are still going strong. These comments may go on forever but they are just an indication of the love that's out there!

"That new heating element you have is a HUGE upgrade. It's immediately obvious." (about VB1.5)

"I received my VB1.5 today. I set it up right away and did a few hits of dry herb @ around 12 o’clock on the dial. It was quite satisfying. I then set it up for concentrates. It was an easy conversion. I will tell you this, the VB1.5 is the best product I ever used for concentrates. It’s worth the money just for that. It burns clean with no residue left. I set the temp at around 2 o’clock. I am very satisfied and happy with the new product. Way to go guys."

"Kindest folks,
I am going to tell how important you and your product are. No kidding. Real deal. Your product is vital in saving my life. Truly. I am alifelong cronic severe as it gets boozer in the worst sense of the word. After my last trip to the hospital " 21 days round the clock, left in wheelchair. Could not walk." I am a retired fireman, seen things and have done things I did not think God would allow. By the time i retired it was too late, the demon"me" had me. ...look and see what i have been given,you are a huge part. Peace to all, "
~Scott Wright Caney Valley

You guys are awesome! I’ve spoken with Pete before on the phone and he was so helpful. I appreciate the great customer service. I can’t find that much anymore.
~ Keri

Thanks very much for still offering repair on these units, and especially for stocking the parts. It’s very impressive to me that you are supporting this after so much time. Definitely still my favorite flower vaporizer I’ve used in my life, and rest assured you have improved the difficulties of being an asthmatic for many years now.
~ Jeff (customer)

"Quality. I never felt like anything was too flimsy or shoddy. The casing is sturdy, the heating element is strong, and the whip worked without issue."
~ gameryamen (reddit/vaporents)

" I love your VB1 and all that goes with it. I think it makes the volcano a tool. Nothing beats herb vapor through a good straight shot. No need for fancy percs."
~ Dru Pinkshot

"We would personally recommend this vaporizer to anyone who is looking to explore the wonderful world of vaporizing..." "...Vapor Brothers vaporizer may not be the flashiest vape on the market, but as far as we are concerned, this is the true OG of vaporizers and will prove its value over time."
~ medicaljane.com

"VaporBrothers rep on the phone was just what I needed: he answered my questions, was friendly and courteous and didn't rush me off the phone. I received what I'd ordered in under a week so I am a happy customer!"
~ Judith

"The VB1 was my first vaporizer. I got mine in 2012. Since then I have owned many desktop and portable vaporizers. I have been using the Arizer V Tower... Yesterday I retired the V Tower and brought out my VB1.... I have to say that after a year feeling the effects I got from the V Tower, the VB1 was superior in draw and quality of vapor. I got a more potent effect from the VB1 ... Considerably more potent!
With the plethora of vaporizers on the market, many with many "bells and whistles" I find joy and comfort in knowing I can set the VB1 dial at about 12 o'clock and just enjoy the ride.Of all the vaporizers I have tried the VB1 is the Cream of the Crop. You folks "got it right" with this vaporizer.
Staying "that way" I remain respectfully,
Preston Luber
Santa Clarita, CA
~ submitted Aug 2018

"...countless friends have had their lives changed with that device. Literally took a beating and it lasted for years even after the casing collapsed and the screen on the heating element broke. I am glad that you guys are so crafty! Thank you again for the awesome customer service!
Orlando, FL
~ submitted April 2019

"I have a vapor brothers vaporizer that has to be at least 10 years old. I got it many years ago ... has been sitting in my storage for several years now.
Frustrated with my portables, I took it out and fired it up. Still works perfectly. What a work horse. Super thick dense vapor and long session. Love the green & blue light... Now I really have come to appreciate this machine."
~ Exime, F#ck Combustion

"So smooth. Ever so smooth. Vaporizing is such a relaxing way to enjoy your herb. The first hit I took I could not tell I was inhaling vapors. Once I exhaled, I could feel the hit immediately. It was wonderful."
~ Mr. Jane, grasscity.com

"VB will take care of you. One of the many benefits of purchasing from a reputable company."
~ Tweek, F#ck Combustion

"Well I used it again last night and I have to say I'm glad my nephew didn't take it off my hands. It's a really really good vaporizer."
~ Jeffp, F#ck Combustion

"I just received my Vaporbrothers a few days ago, and I pretty much love it. In all, I’d say that this is a very well built and designed device that I would recommend to my friends and family."
~ Kerr, F#ck Combustion

"There is no doubt, that I would highly recommend this Vapor Brothers Vape to ANYONE who is interested in a, super easy to use, very reliable, sturdy and reasonably priced vaporizer!"
~ 420 Warrior, 420 Magazine

"Vapor Brothers is the true OG of glass-on-glass vaporizers… and produces some of the tastiest and most dense vapor I have experienced from a vaporizer." I bought mine back in 2007 and it’s still working perfectly after heavy use."
~ MJ Matt, medicaljane.com

"Vapor Brothers... doesn't get enough credit. It’s the most copied Vape, in the history of Vapes, for a reason..."
~ Anonymous

"Solid A... It’s exceeded my expectations."
~ BigDaddyVapor, Facebook User

"If you are in the market for a simple, affordable vaporizer, go with the Vapor Brothers Hands Free."
~ Mr. Jane, grasscity.com

"It's convenient, it's healthier, it's more economical and saves your supply"
~ Anonymous

"If you've got (or are thinking of getting) a Vapor Brothers... You will not be disappointed."
~ JT Higgins, Weedmaps.com

"TheVaporTimes.com has absolutely no problem in recommending a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer. The quality is outstanding and the craftsmanship is great... If you are just getting into Vaporizing this is a perfect unit. If you have been Vaporizing for years this is a perfect unit."
~ The Vapor Times, vaportimes.wordpress.com

"This, in my opinion, is just as good, if not better, than the Volcano. It has a lifetime warranty and is a very quality product. That is not smoke, that is vapor... And yes, it really is that safe."
~ Anonymous

"I would tell anyone to buy this vape... It is the best in its class and is very smart for your pocket... it certainly beats out the competition..."
~ vaporizerinfo.com

"The Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer has been a solid performer for quite some time. It’s a tried, tested and true product that does not disappoint. A pure ceramic heater ensures you will only inhale the vapors you want."
~ Staff Review by Mark Philipps, VapeNow.com

"In short, a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing, extremely efficient (10+ pulls per load) and very smooth vapor experience.... extremely low drag pull off a whip and one of the best vapes for tasting your strains." "The VB holds temp... In fact, the rock-solid temp control was what really sold me on bringing it into my regular rotation. I love it for bed time. I'll already have it on, heating some essential oils on my bed table... crank it up a bit, load the whip... and off to Sleepy Land I go."
~ BigDaddyVapor, marijuana.com

"Vaporbros has a pretty solid rep... one of the first vapes I tried that was of good quality, good build that started me looking at vaping as a serious replacement to my combusting."
~ Silver420Surfer, f*kcombustion.com

"The Vaporbrothers Vaporizer is one of the first vaporizers to be developed… put together using some of the finest natural materials from the ceramic element to the natural wood-grain used for the housing… true to the pursuit of a clean and organic vaporizer experience… The Vaporbrothers Vaporizer is truly one of the prettiest and most organic looking aromatherapy vaporizers available."
~ herbisto.com

"I got a new vaporizer... from "Vapor Brothers" and I must say, I totally love it!!!" "I could also tell just how well made and sturdy the whole thing is, really solid and well constructed! The wooden box really matches almost any decor as well...It would really look natural and subtle in any room." "There is no doubt, that I would highly recommend this Vapor Brothers vape to ANYONE who is interested in a, super easy to use, very reliable, sturdy and reasonably priced vaporizer!"
~ 420warrior, 420 Magazine

"Very easy to use. I admittedly have never tried a vaporizer of any sort, but I was vaping in no time. I just followed the simple instructions in the manual and it worked perfectly." "... the Vapor Brothers Hands Free model is very affordable. It comes with everything you need and more... Long time smokers should really consider getting a vaporizer for their health." "It is crazy... You get so much vapor and it is so very smooth..."
~ Mr. Jane, grasscity.com

"If you've got (or are thinking of getting) a Vapor Brothers vaporizer... You will not be disappointed." "The ceramic screens are a VERY welcome departure from the traditional steel screens."
~ J T Higgins, legalmarijuandispensary.com

"While handling the unit one will note that it does not feel cheap. The wood is sanded smooth and finished with a “low-voc paint”... we feel this is very good as we care about our bodies and do not want any harmful toxins... The vapor is amazing! The taste resembles that of a fine wine when compared to a different Vaporizer."
~ The Vapor Times, vaportimes.wordpress.com

"I bought the VapoBros (Ceramic) unit about 4 years ago, use daily it no complaints, it always works."
~ Nuvufx, anxietyrelieftactics.com

"Vapor Brothers makes the bests vaporizers OF ALL TIME! Don't settle for cheap knock offs full of toxic glues and oils, buy a dark coffee hands free vapor brothers vaporizer and a EZ change hands free whip w/ceramic screen!"
~ 3303milehigh, anxietyrelieftactics.com

"This is the best box style vaporizer on the market ... the price tag is fair and it is the original... I would recommend this vaporizer over any other box vaporizer"
~ Blackmist2008, anxietyrelieftactics.com

"Love the VaporBrothers original... This is honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. No more smoke!"
~ FistSaidToTheFace, anxietyrelieftactics.com

"Excellent alternative to smoking if you're concerned about health. The hand free model features a glass on glass fitting into its natural mineral unit as well as featuring glass on glass water-pipe attachments, for superior taste of the herbs." "... able to satisfy a hearty smokers appetite for fullest body and flavor... This vape is able to yield either very small hits, or very huge hits. As a daily smoker I have been astoundingly happy with the change to a daily VaporBrothers user. I can hit the same bowl for hours all the while taking dozens of full bodied hits." " I've had my vape fall a couple of times and it's still fine. I would tell anyone to buy this vape... It is the best in its class... it certainly beats out the competition..." "I was experiencing sore throats... Like every smoker (keyword *smoke*) I was loosing lung capacity and had trouble catching my breath doing strenuous physical activity. The Vaporbrothers original box style, Hands Free vaporizer has changed that. I feel like I can breath again. I'm much happier..."
~ Joe, vaporizer-info.com

"The Vaporbrothers remains one of the best options available to vaporize dry-herbs." "... the first ever “Glass on Glass” Whip® Handpiece style vaporizer that was both user friendly and healthy..." "The Vapor Brothers vaporizer is one of the simplest units I have used to date, and produces some of the tastiest and most dense vapor I have experienced from a vaporizer." "The vapor quality, simplicity of design, and ease of use make this the perfect vaporizer for anyone..."
~ MJ Matt, medicaljane.com

"An entirely smoke free device, the vaporizer can be used for a myriad of purposes. It can be filled with eucalyptus to combat a chest cold, it can be employed as a step toward skipping smoking, or simply used with a Vapor Brothers mix of legal herbs for a different kind of... experience." "Used for smoke-free consumption of tobacco, or for the vaporization of legal herbs and other aromatics, this particular vaporizer is American made, has a ceramic heating element for the purest possible vaporizer experience, is lit from the bottom with an awesome blue LED and cannot overheat." "The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer comes with a warranty, though it does not break easily... it is the best value for your money in terms of quality, usability and affordability."
~ Zack Rosen, thenewgay.net

"The plant matter isn't being burned, so you aren't inhaling all that harsh smoke." … "BudLover can't get enough of the delicious flavors... we can taste with our vaporizer. It is the best..."
~ TheBudLover, budlover.blogspot.com

"I was diagnosed with MS recently... since the VB has arrived my life has changed dramatically for the better. I feel just fantastic!... my constant hacking cough... has completely gone... far superior to... traditional smoking and, yes, you actually do use so much less herb." "... thanks for designing and marketing such a fantastic product. I have tried a few other similar units and none delivered anywhere near this degree of purity of vapor or economy... Not even close and actually not even worth bothering with."
~ Alex, Vaporbrothers support e-mail

"I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for my past repairs and my most recent purchase. I have used your box vape since 2006 and had finally broke my whip the other day. It was the worst day. I hopped on your site and ordered a new one with basic shipping. Not only was I extremely grateful that you guys still make the accessories I also received the replacement in what seems like record time from across the country. I'm sure you don't hear this enough but Thank you so very much, it was an absolute pleasure doing business with this company. I will and always have recommended vapor brother and will continue to do so. Thanks to everyone in this company, Perfection."
~ Joe, Vaporbrothers support e-mail

"I have raved about this unit to everybody I know in the MS and Gulf War Syndrome support groups and will continue to do so as this product just rocks! Once again, thank you so much. You have given me back my quality of life... Keep up the good work."
~ Alex (2), Vaporbrothers support e-mail

" Therapy against therapy Cannabis helped to save my life. In October of 2017 I went to the hospital with a bad rash across the lower right side of my back. It was extremely painful feeling a lot like I had sat in a hill of fire ants. I was very sick balance was off, color was terrible, very tired, so I went to the hospital. Of course the hospital had every pinch and poke they could perform performed. Lab tests sent away it was time to invade my bubble and take pics of my lungs. Our ER is very efficient so I was only there for about two hours or so before the Dr returned. Diagnosis Shingles ugh thanks Mom for the chicken pox when I was a kid. Bomb shell!!! 3.5 cm mass in my left lung, Dr recommend testing, I laughed at him replying who's going to pay for that? Walked out of the ER with scripts for pain and a order for no work for 2 weeks. January 2018 back at the ER more pokes and prods, more pics, huge inner ear infection, tumor grew to 5.5 inches, same thing. 2 days later resting the phone rings it's a pulmonary Dr. She wants to set up tests, shit here we go, time for a MRI, followed by a breathing test ughhhh. Told the pulmonary doctor what I already knew, uncontrolled asthma and copd, aggravated by inhaling combusted material caused by smoking cigarettes and cannabis for 30 years. Walked out with more scripts inhalers this time they had a good idea of what was going on in there by now, next step biopsy, what ever let's do it by this time I was out of work due to a foot surgery some how in all this I gained state insurance I seriously don't remember how it happened. DRUMROLL PLEASE stage 3 lung cancer with a 20% chance to survive!!!!! My response to this. I don't have time for this shit, I'm not done with this life, I have a 18 month old baby that I have to raise, I need 17 years, please give me my medical marijuana card paperwork, what are you going to do to fix it? I had my plan! An advisor from the cancer team contacted me helping me to get on disability, getting help for my family to catch up on bills and rent and advised me that I should not combust my flower over a worry of fungal infection. Funny I had just been studying this exact thing, and it turned out that the boiling point of thc and CBD was higher than the temps that the fungi died at score! Getting help allowed my wife the funding to get me a cheap convection dry herb vape it changed the way I smoked from the first pull. More and more cannabis became my savior, the vape gave me time to smoke before I went in for radiation treatment, the team was great, they were up beat, and we jested back and forth. Radiation treatment was not bad, the machine was annoying, but in a way that kind of made me look inside or lol was it the weed. By this time we had gone from 220 a ounce on the st. to 220 for two ounces from a dispensary we would later drop that even further and smoking more. Radiation left me cooked and I mean that seriously, by the end of it I knew what a chicken feels like in the microwave, chemotherapy. Again I attribute my pulling through this with very few issues here is one place the Dr's got it wrong! They told me in the very beginning that anyway I took cannabis was fine as long as I was not inhaling it. It turns out eating it can actually interfere with the chemo. As I went through all these treatments traveling to another city every day, we settled into growing our own plants, trying extracts, and I was gifted a vaporbrothers v1 and a bunch of glassware. I was like a kid at Christmas, with in seconds I had it out of the box, figured out how it went together and loaded with blue dream. It was love at first puff, very quickly it became my go to for therapy against therapy. I keep it directly next to my seat it is a permanent fixture in my living room. I am now cancer free after two years of treatment, not only has it served me through all of the pain and sickness that sometimes hit me, but it has caused some very interesting conversations all ending with the person trying it and falling in love."
~ Bill, Vaporbrothers support e-mail

Thank YOU everybody who contributed to these awesome VB Vaporizer testimonials!

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