Q: What organic botanical blends can I use with my vaporizer?

A: Almost any organic botanical blend that are traditionally smoked can be vaporized. There are all sorts of botanical blends and tobacco you can use in your vaporizer, although you must research and be sure that any particular organic botanical blend you want to use is safe to inhale. First of all, it is important to buy organic to avoid exposure to toxins found in non organic produce. We recommend the following organic botanical blends: Lavender, Sage, Lotus petals, Damiana, Eucalyptus, and Lemon Balm. Please consult with your health professional before using any unfamiliar botanical blend or essential oils, as some contain compounds are harmful when inhaled, or can burn the skin and eyes. Do not use our products if you are pregnant or have existing health conditions.
Note: Since different organic botanical blends will leave their aroma in the glass Whip handpiece, we suggest using separate Whips for different types of botanical blends.

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