Q: How can I maximize the lifetime of my heating element?

A: How long any given heating element will last varies with the amount of use and abuse it endures over its lifetime. While we are confident that the new NATURAL MINERAL HEATER will outperform our older heating elements, as long as you leave it on a level setting and make sure nothing blocks the air flow around the box, you’ll give your heating element a better chance at long life. For owners of our old vaporizer models which use a metal heating element, it seems that life can be extended by leaving the unit on throughout the day instead of turning it on and off. You can leave your vaporizer on a low setting between multiple uses, turning it off at night or when you are away. Be assured, if you experience a failure of your metal heating element or otherwise want to change it out for the new heater, we will replace it with our new heater at no additional charge above the normal price of repair.

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