Q: How do I clean my Whip and change the screen?

How to change the screen in the old school "All-glass Whip"

**Pro Tip*** Before you remove or replace a screen, try cleaning it first by passing boiling water through the hand piece. It works instantaneously and cleans better than alcohol. We recommend to draw a pot of boiling water, dip the tip of the whip glass into the water and suck the water up into the whip a few inches. Expel the water by blowing forcefully. This causes all the reside to melt and flow into the pot. Don't burn yourself with hot water. If this causes the pot to become oily, you can wipe the pot with vegetable oil, then wash with soap.

Replacement Tips: Changing the screen in your "All-glass Whip" takes careful effort and may be frustrating. Make sure to have a bamboo and our metal pick tool or a similar tool like a metal dental pick. Remove the hose from the whip, cutting it off with scissors if it is too hard to slide off. (Get new tubing here) Fold the screen like a taco diagonally to the thread direction, and push into the whip beyond the inner groove. See the remaining instructions at our video below:

Getting the new screen in takes some finesse and experimentation, so please don't hesitate to ask for our assistance over the phone.

Some more tips: You can keep the screen clean by occasionally drawing a breath on your vaporizer while leaving the Whip empty. A Whip that contains a honey-colored residue should clean easily. A blackened Whip and a clogged screen indicate excessive temperature and poor efficiency. If you have a blackened Whip, clean the glass as best you can and try using a lower temperature setting in the future.

If you can't watch the video: Here are some important points. You must start with a new stainless steel, coarse mesh screen, .750 inch diameter for the regular size Standard and Hands Free All-Glass Whips, or .625" for Mini Whips. The screen you purchase from us has been treated with high temperature to ensure no inhalation of the shiny coating of fresh stainless steel or bad tastes in your vapor draws.

Use a bamboo stick and a metal pick (or similar dental tool). If you don't have a dental pick then a flat head nail would do OK (using the flat part of the nail). Clean the glass first (if dirty) then slip the screen into the top part of the whip (the top is where it connects to the vaporizer). Don't crease the screen for this will make the process all the harder.

Bend the screen like a taco shell diagonally to the thread direction. Slide the tacoed screen into the whip until it is past the groove. Using the tip of the metal pick tool, push the back end of the screen into the groove.

While holding the screen's edge into the groove, push from the other end with a bamboo tool. Push repeatedly on the highest spot of the screen to get it to unfold into the groove.

Pushing back and forth will help the screen unfold into the groove. Use the pick tool to push down any wrinkles that developed. Try to make it so that herbs won't fall past the screen at its edges.

Sometimes the maria (the area where the screen fits in the glass) is too small for a .75 screen so take some scissors and round off the edges a bit to fit the screen. If you've read this far and want more guidance, please contact us.

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