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    Popular among old-school Vaporbrothers fans for its simplicity and function.

    • Bell shaped tip allows a ball-joint type connection
    • More durable than whips with ground joints
    • Every feature is well melted in- no sharp edges or weak spots
    • Open airflow ensures the best inhale possible from a box vaporizer
    • Tightly fitting stainless screen resists poking and prodding (Fits the .750" size screen)
    • High heat treated stainless steel screen - No taste of metal
    • Same medical grade clear tubing as on our other whips
    • Teardrop shape glass mouthpiece
    • All glass inspected for defects and free of internal stresses
    • Compatible with all Vaporbrothers Vaporizers when used in the "hands-on" fashion. (This model does not stay connected to the heater - is not Hands-Free)

    This clear glass whip operates by holding the Whip to the heat element during the draw. You may withdraw the whip between hits. The whip stays cooler and you can check your herbs easily between hits.

    Because of the Whip's bell shaped tip, you can redirect the air flow by simply tilting your hand, providing for more control and a better browning of your blend.

    Lack of a ground joint surface means this whip will survive more abuse without breaking. 

    Ball-joint type connection allows you to rotate the whip around while inhaling, spreading the heat evenly through the bowl.

    Withdraw the whip from the vaporizer between hits and the glass stays cool. You will get immediate feedback on how the herbs are changing color, texture, and smell.

    Pick up an extra today in case of accidents!

    For best performance use only Vaporbrothers .750" replacement screens.

    Please note: This whip will NOT attach to the Hands-Free vaporizer for one handed operation. If your previous whip has a red "HOT" or "CAUTION" emblem and attaches to the heating element by a ground glass joint, your vaporizer is a Hands-Free model. Please search Hands-Free whips.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    San Diego

    I stick with the OG!

    Easy to use, clean and the taste that results is the cleanest I've ever had. The screens are very affordable and VP has everything you need for the cleanest most relaxing smoking experience. Just remember not to let it go, the glass is strong, but I've had to buy my share of whips.