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    New source found locally- These whips are back in stock! (Also see our smaller Mini-thin Whip)

    This OG Standard Whip is popular among old-school Vaporbrothers fans for its simplicity and function.

    • Simple flared tip lets you rotate the whip around during the draw.
    • Glass is more durable than on whips with hands free ground joints
    • Every feature is well melted in- no sharp edges or weak spots
    • Unrestricted airflow ensures the best inhale possible from a box vaporizer
    • Stainless screen resists poking and prodding (.75" screen replacement here)
    • Screen is cleaned in a high temperature process - Removes chromium
    • Same medical grade clear tubing as on our other whips
    • Teardrop shape glass mouthpiece (replacements here)
    • All glass inspected for defects and free of internal stresses
    • Compatible with all Vaporbrothers Vaporizers when used in the "hands-on" fashion. (This model does not stay connected to the heater - is not Hands-Free)

    The OG Standard operates by holding the Whip to the heat element during the draw. You may withdraw the whip between hits. The whip stays cooler and you can check your herbs easily between hits.

    Because of the whip's bell shaped tip, you can redirect the air flow by simply tilting your hand, providing for more control and a better browning of your blend.

    Lack of a ground joint surface means this whip will survive more abuse without breaking. 

    Ball-joint type connection allows you to rotate the whip around while inhaling, spreading the heat evenly through the bowl.

    Since you don't leave the whip on the vaporizer between hits, you can observe your herbs in how they change color, texture, and smell.

    If you like this whip, get extra in case of accidents.

    Please note this is not a "Hands-free" whip: If your previous whip has a red "HOT" or "CAUTION" emblem and attaches to the heating element by a ground glass joint, your vaporizer is probably a Hands-Free model. This whip will work with a hands free vaporizer, but in the manual fashion, not left on without your hand holding it there. Please search Hands-Free whips if you prefer to not hold your whip to the vaporizer during the inhale.

    Cleaning tip - Boiling water: For the brave and conscientious users only! Draw a small pot of boiling water. Leave the whip fully assembled. Dip the bowl end of the whip into boiling water and draw water up into the whip by inhaling through the tube slowly. Don't scald yourself with hot water. The residue should come loose when you forcefully blow the water out of the whip down the drain or back into the cooking pot. Vaporizing residue should not be as stuck to the glass as smoking residue. If there are burned marks, try scraping those with a tool. The cooking pot may become hard to clean with just dish soap, so try this trick: Spray cooking oil all over the pot, let set a few minutes, then wash as normal with dish detergent. 

    Cleaning tip - Alcohol soak: Fill a plastic baggie about 1/4 full of rubbing alcohol and a spoonful of salt. Leave the screen in the whip handpiece. Remove your whip glass parts from the tubing and drop them in the bag. Shake the bag to cover the glass with alcohol and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse under hot water. If needed repeat the process a time or two or leave overnight. Rinsing should remove all of the residue but will leave a film of oil on the outside of the glass. Use a cloth with alcohol to clean the outside of the glass.

    Rescreening: For best performance use only Vaporbrothers .750" replacement screens. Click the diagram to open our rescreening instructions. (Also check this direct video link our most competent whip-screener made us to show his method)

    Whip screening instructions

    About our Glass

    Glass at Vaporbrothers is made from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and is held to high standards of material and workmanship. All units are manufactured to a uniform thickness and are inspected by us under polarized light to make sure there are no imperfections or microfractures. Our competitors often use inferior, low-tolerance glass that can be thin, wobbly over the heater and prone to cracking.

    About our Ceramic

    Ceramic is an extremely dense alternative to glass that is approximately 5 times stronger. Choose the ceramic option if you are in a place where glass can shatter easily (Do you have a glass table or concrete floor?)

    Choose Hands Free or OG Standard:

    • Hands-Free (stays attached to heater- works with Hands Free vaporizers only)
    • OG Standard Hold-On-Manually style (does not stay attached to the heater)

    About our choice to use a custom size tip:

    We decided to use this 16mm size because it's simply better, both in terms of a superior vaporizing experience and because it's more efficient in the consumption of herbs. Since then, knockoffs and Whip-based competitors took a shortcut and used an off-the-shelf size (19mm) that is easier to break, uses more of-- and is more prone to spillage of--your herbs.

    How to tell if your vaporizer is a "Hands-Free" model:

    If your current Vaporbrothers whip has a red "HOT" or "CAUTION" emblem and attaches via a frosted, ground glass tip to the heating element, your vaporizer is a Hands-Free model.

    Compatibility with other brands:

    This Vaporbrothers Hands-Free Whip is not compatible with competitor clones, including Easy Vape Digital, VaporWarez, VaporBox, VaporCannon, VaporDoc, Pure Vaporizer, Got Vape Aroma Classic Vaporizer, and the Vapor King Vaporizer.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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    Mariposa, CA

    So simple

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I used this type of whip since I first started vaporizing over a decade ago. It does not stay attached to the vaporizer but I like that because I don't want to leave it heating up on the vaporizer between hits. The screen is very difficult to change but as the VB people say you can just clean it in place by sucking boiling water up into the whip and blowing it out.

    San Diego

    I stick with the OG!

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Easy to use, clean and the taste that results is the cleanest I've ever had. The screens are very affordable and VP has everything you need for the cleanest most relaxing smoking experience. Just remember not to let it go, the glass is strong, but I've had to buy my share of whips.