Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer
  • Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
  • Vaporbrothers VB1 Vaporizer - Hands Free - 120V -
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    Vaporbrothers Vaporizers are Built To Last

    Vaporbrothers invented the first "Whip" based vapor box in 1999 when the world was largely unaware of vaporizing's potential benefits. Our aim was to create an effective and simple way to get strong dense vapor from a device with no moving parts or noise. Throughout our early years, we demonstrated to the public that vapor could be more satisfying and effective than smoking. Since then, our iconic angled box and glass on glass Whip hand piece has become one of the most recognizable vaporizer types in the world.

    • Intuitive process anyone can master
    • Quick warmup - few minutes
    • Stylish and durable - survives years of abuse
    • Naturally vented - completely free of fans or vibration
    • Carefully designed with non-toxic inhalation in mind
    • Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • 2Yr Accident Protection available for an additional $49
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    This Vaporbrothers Hands-Free Vaporizer with EZ Change Whip is the latest embodiment of our original design. It has been improved continually over our 15 year history and remains the simplest, best quality vaporizer we've ever known. (and we've been everywhere in the last 15 years!)

    • EZ Change Whip Handpiece - Replace the screen in seconds. Choose metal screens or ceramic (or use both at once)
    • Screens Variety Pack - Try ceramic and stainless screens to see what you like the most- or mix and match
    • Easy Registration Process - For those who want to keep up with product updates and take advantage of extra warranty benefits (Registration is not required for repair)

    What Makes the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Different

    The heater and the vapor chamber at the core of the Vaporbrothers are sized and proportioned for strong and sweet tasting clouds requiring very little material to operate. Competitors using off the shelf connections (18mm) do not have this efficiency or effectiveness.

    All Vaporbrothers products conforms to strict self imposed standards of inhalation safety unheard of in the industry. We conform to worldwide RoHS standards - eliminating lead and other toxic materials

    Our glass and ceramic components are always well made, consistent and durable. We inspect 100% of our product, even literally under a microscope at times. Vaporbrothers ceramics are similar to porcelain but about 5 times stronger.

    All Vaporbrothers Vaporizers feature our exclusive Natural Mineral Heater - an extremely dense and non porous ceramic material that does not expose you to hot metal or other questionable materials. It is the worlds first ceramic heating element custom designed for vaporizing.

    We use laminated birch wood and finishes from European sources to ensure they conform to the world's highest standards for chemical exposure. All Whip tubing and silicone parts are medical grade. Since components of this unit are extremely hot, these are essential requirements!

    Pink finish box uses an eco friendly textured powdercoat with special matching pink LED lights. (For a limited time only!)

    Dependable Product Warranty - true protection that only an experienced company can provide. We take guarantee your vaporizer will work for 5-10 years - If it becomes truly obsolete or unfixable we will help you get a brand new unit at an extreme discount not offered anywhere else.

    Standard vs. Hands-Free Vaporizers

    This vaporizer is a Hands-Free model. The Whip Handpiece stays attached to the vaporizer without requiring you to hold it in place. All Hands-Free models employ a precision ground glass connection between the vaporizer body and the handpiece.

    If you are wondering which type of vaporizer to get, the Hands-Free is at a marginally higher cost, but is preferred by new users 10 to 1.


    • Works with all Hands-Free Whips - EZ Change and All-Glass Types
    • Works with all Standard Whips for the older style hands-on operation
    • May be connected to a water pipe or Hydrator for the ultimate in smooth taste
    • Works in the U.S.A. and other 110~120V countries

    How to use the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer

    Click here to view a copy of the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Instruction Manual included with this unit.

    The Basics

    Briefly, the Vaporbrothers?? Vaporizer is two things, an aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils and an herbal vapor inhaler. All vaporizers come with a sample essential oil and herbal blend.

    Vaporizing is like extracting the goods while leaving the carrier behind. It allows a person to inhale essential ingredients from plant material while leaving the woody plant structure behind. Vaporizing almost completely eliminates tar, hence its continued use as an alternative to smoking. Our customers report the vaporizer leaves them breathing easier and feeling invigorated.

    Brief instructions for using herbs with the vaporizer:

    1) Plug in and locate the vaporizer on a stable platform where the bottom vents are clear of obstructions. (this unit is air cooled)

    2) Turn the temperature control to the 12 o'clock position and let the vaporizer warm up for 4 to 5 minutes. The glass encased heating element becomes extremely hot to touch so be sure to touch something else.

    3) Grind up your herbal material while the unit is heating. You can use your fingers, but we recommend a hand grinder such as these.

    4) Place a pinch of material into the open end of the Whip filling it by about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. You may also suck the herbs up into the Whip like a vacuum as shown in the instruction manual. Lightly tamp the herbs down with a tool.
    NOTE: If you are reading these instructions because you're not sure how to get the right results please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions or need troubleshooting. Most vaporizer difficulties come from packing too much material in the Whip. Don't sweat it, with some experimentation you will figure it out quickly.

    5) Finally, connect the Whip?? to the heating element and take a draw of air from the mouthpiece. (with the Standard models you just hold the Whip to the element while you draw) The first draw gives the herbs an initial heatup. If and when you exhale a white mist, you are in the zone you want to be. If there is no mist, inhale more slowly next time to help the herbs heat up to the right temperature to evaporate the moisture content.

    6) Withdraw the Whip from the vaporizer and check the color of the herbs after every few draws when you are just starting out. If the herbs are browning quickly you may want to turn the temperature down or draw the air in faster next time. Be careful that you don't overheat the herbs to the point where they blacken or burn. Try various speeds of airflow and settings on the dial to find your sweet spot. You can control the amount of vapor created by experimenting with the intensity and duration of air you inhale. Practice makes perfect.

    7) Once the herbs are browned or taste like popcorn it's time to dispose of them. You may blow through the Whip to deposit them into container. The waste material from vaporizing is like a dried out version of the original herbs. Most people save the left over material for cooking or making tinctures.

    If you're not getting the best taste you've ever experienced, something is not happening correctly. Try again or ask us for tips and tricks.

    • Original Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer - 110v
    • Hands Free Change Whip with Ceramic Screen**
    • Bamboo Pick Stir Tool
    • Variety Pack of Two .625" Stainless Steel Replacement Screens, One Ceramic Screen
    • Organic Vaporbrothers Aromatherapy Herbal Blend Sample
    • User Instruction Guide
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty & Registration Info

    **EZ Change Whip includes Hands Free Whip Tip, Silicone Whip Grip, Handle, Clear Hose, Mouthpiece - Depending on availability parts may be either glass or ceramic, silicone grip color may vary.

    Components in this kit may vary slightly from listed above.


    Use this link to register your vaporizer

    Vaporbrothers, Inc. makes every effort to assure that our products meet high standards of workmanship, and warrants to the original purchaser that the vaporizer body and components are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Vaporbrothers will repair or replace, at its expense and at its option, any Vaporbrothers product, with the exception of accessory glassware, which in normal use has proven to be defective in workmanship or material, provided that the customer returns the product shipping prepaid to Vaporbrothers and provides Vaporbrothers with reasonable opportunity to verify the alleged defect by inspection.

    Vaporbrothers will not be responsible for any asserted defect which has resulted from normal wear, misuse, abuse, repair or alteration made or specifically authorized by anyone other than an authorized Vaporbrothers service facility or representative.

    This warranty is Vaporbrothers' sole warranty and serves as the original purchaser's exclusive remedy, with respect to defective products. Our warranty is subject to change without notice. See our website for warranty terms and how to get your vaporizer repaired. Vaporbrothers hereby expressly disclaims and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This standard warranty serves in lieu of all obligations or liabilities on the part of Vaporbrothers for damages, including, but not limited to, special, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any and all Vaporbrothers products.


    We welcome customers to register their product with us at Name or contact info is not required, just your unit's serial number and some basic information. Registered users do not have to show proof of purchase for warranty repair.


    VAPORBROTHERS® distributes our products exclusively through authorized and trained distributors and dealers. Occasionally, individuals or discounters will attempt to sell products online without the consent of VAPORBROTHERS, and without the service or support that we require. Any VAPORBROTHERS product purchased from an unauthorized dealer or other unauthorized source can be serviced under our warranty, but may require a fee to cover the difference between the discount price and our minimum allowable price.


    Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and charges modest flat fees for wear and tear.

    For vaporizers up to 1 year old, we will repair at our cost with no charge to the customer. After 1 year, any failures are likely to have resulted from wear and tear rather than manufacturing defect. Our refurbishment service varies from $35 to $60 depending on the age of the vaporizer. Prices may change without notice. A price list can be found on the Repair Form PDF at

    Some older vaporizers may not be able to be fixed due to significant damage, wear, or if they are built before mid 2004. (Serial number less than #27441) If your vaporizer can't be fixed we offer a trade-in discount for a brand new one.

    Any vaporizer regardless of age or condition traded-in for a new one at a deep discounted price. (Not all colors are available)

    Repaired vaporizers are warranted against failure with no charge for an additional 1 year beyond their original warranty period.

    For practical reasons, VB can offer no cash refunds; we can only repair or replace units.

    If we determine there is no defect, or that the defect resulted from causes not within the scope of our warranty, then the customer may be asked pay for return shipping.


    We can usually repair and return your unit within 2 weeks from the date we receive it. However, delays can and do happen, so please contact us if you have any questions about when you'll receive your repaired unit. Also note that any delays the shipper may experience delivering to your location lie outside our control. Such delays become more likely if you live outside the continental US.


    To take advantage of this warranty, the product must be shipped to our repair location below. Please fill out a Service Request Form and include it with your vaporizer or email to The form can be found at our website:

    If you don't have ability to print or email the PDF, you may send your vaporizer alone (no accessories) with your contact information to:

    Vaporbrothers Repair
    15507 S. Normandie Ave. #442
    Gardena, CA 90247

    This address is for receiving of mail or correspondence only, and does not accept walk-ins.

    We strongly recommend a carrier with insurance and tracking such as USPS and UPS.

    Please clean out the vaporizer thoroughly and pack it tightly. Vaporbrothers will not be responsible for loss or damage due to shipping to our address. Please do not send the Whip or any broken glass! (Unless it's attached to the heating element)


    We accept money orders, credit cards, or PayPal. Upon your request, we can call you for the credit card number when we receive the unit.


    We will hold onto any unclaimed goods for a period of 90 days. If we have not heard from you within this time, your unit may be discarded or donated.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Ron's review

    Very happy with the quality of all pieces in this vape package.. However I'm sorry to see the package no longer includes the travel bag therefore I only gave this'd vape 4 stars