What to do if your ceramic parts start slipping off the hose

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From time to time our ceramic mouthpiece and handle may slip off the hose. Our hose is harder than normal and can squeeze the tapered end out too easily.

In our experience we see that it happens for two reasons:

  1. The end of the hose is stretching out and getting loose - In that case just cut the hose shorter by an inch or so to refresh the connection.
  2. There is a fine coating of oil that is making the ceramic to hose connection slip. - In this case clean the connection with Isopropyl Alcohol (we recommend 91%) and/or buy a new hose.

Oily surfaces are a result of vapor residue creeping up the hose. They also permeate the hose and ceramic to some extent. Silicone hoses (and whip grip as well) are susceptible to oil permeating all the way through. Soak in strong alcohol or replace the silicone parts every year or so.

Let us know at the contact page if this problem persists.

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