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    Our best Whip Hose for the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer. Essential for those who want to eliminate plastic or be worry free around hot surfaces.

    • Medical grade and high temperature resistant, up to 450F
    • Similar to 1/4" hose except with a slightly larger inside diameter to make airflow more effortless.
    • Thicker than standard hose. Less likely to kink or wear out.
    • Generous 44" length. Can cut to length easily with scissors.

    Silicone is not transparent and tends to pick up lint. It's slightly porous as well, so oil may migrate through to the outside. In return, it is incredibly durable for use with the vaporizer. People who connect their vaporizer to a water pipe like that it is more flexible than the clear hose. Wash with isopropyl alcohol and/or hot water. (Dishwasher safe, but might retain the scent of the soap)