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We just got an email from a person who bought his first Vaporbrothers box on eBay. It was considerably used but in good condition. He wanted to know how to find a screen to go in the glass Whip hand piece, and any other suggestions we had for perfecting the vaporizing experience.

If you buy a used vaporizer, feel free to send us a picture of the parts and get confirmation that it is indeed genuine Vaporbrothers. We can tell you if it's a Hands Free model (with the ground glass Whip/Heater connection) or a Standard (the OG style) Beware that fake / knockoff glass pieces are common and don't work as we designed. You can text your picture to our workshop at 310 618 1188 or email us.

If you think you need repair, fill out the service request form on our site and send your vaporizer to us. Vaporbrothers Repair

Make sure you have a clean Stainless Screen in the Whip (for All-Glass Whips such as this Hands Free Whip and this Standard Whip)

Most likely your screen needs to be cleaned or changed. A restricted screen makes it hard to inhale quickly and effortlessly. To clean, check out youtube, such as this one:

Changing the stiff stainless screen may give you grief unless you study this video: Cleaning the whip and changing the screen

We only recommend stainless steel screens. Ours are burned in with a kiln so you don't get exposed to the chromium that comes normal store-bought stainless. Be careful to buy the screen that matches your Whip. EZ Change and Mini Whips use .625" All-glass Whips use .725" Example:

Consider buying an Easy Screen Changing Whip

The EZ Whip disassembles with a silicone grip piece. You can pop out the screens easily, and use a rigid ceramic screen we created just for this purpose. The Whip costs more to buy at first, but every sub-part is replaceable. We don't make you buy the whole thing again- just replace the parts you might break.

If you already have an EZ Whip, watch this video about maintenance:

Check out our ceramic alternatives for glass parts

Glass is wonderful but comes with the caveat that it might break, no matter how much quality we build into our components. Cleaning up broken glass is like having a mini haz-mat. It's very hard to break our ceramic pieces, as the material we use is 5-10 times stronger than porcelain. Life gets easier when you don't have to worry about the mouthpiece smacking itself on a hard table.

Note that EZ whip is available in ceramic, also mouthpieces.

Use our pick tool (or similar with a blunt base)

Packing down the herbs helps them not fall out when you connect the Whip to the vaporizers. See our pick tool here.

You can find picks like this from a hardware store but you'd have to blunt the sharp tip and unbend the curved shape so it fits into the Whip easily.

Watch videos on how to keep your Whip clean so it's easy to draw through.

Make sure you don't lose airflow over time. The vaporizer gives the best results when you inhale quickly and deeply (but also effortlessly). Clean out air restrictions in the whip (screen).

Personally, I just draw boiling water up into the Whip and expel it forcefully- seems to be the fastest way to clear the screen. Don't melt your hose doing this. Upgrade to silicone if you want to not worry about heat.

Here's a detailed video from a customer who uses hot water.

You can also disassemble the Whip and soak in Isopropyl alcohol. We recommend 91% or better. You can use 91% on the vaporizer heater glass as well- just don't soak the electronics too much.

For more detail or to give us suggestions what to say here, contact us.

-Linus V.

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