Joining hoses to make a longer one

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Our Whip hoses are 44 inches, which means they are pretty long for a vaporizer (over 3 feet). But some people have asked for longer.

If the vaporizer is on the table and the patient wants to use it without bending toward the table, a longer hose is preferable. Currently we don't carry our hose on rolls, so we can't custom cut you a longer hose. But you can take our existing hoses and join them together.

A user recently bought this one on Amazon and says it works well. The description is Polypropylene Plastic 1/4" Hose ID, Hose Barb Mender/Splicer/Joiner/Union Fitting Tubing Hose Adapter/Coupler. If you are looking for a hose and/or hose-joiner like this, please keep in mind a few things:

  • Plastic material is better than brass, since the brass is heavy and will knock around too much.
  • Our hose is a custom size, but the nearest standard is 1/4 inch inside diameter (ID). Our hose is about 1mm larger on the inside diameter, but most Vaporbrothers Whips and mouthpieces will still fit 1/4 inch hose.
  • If you buy hose from somewhere yourself, keep in mind ordinary clear vinyl hose is not very safe for inhalation. Our hoses are always custom formulated and processed in a way that minimizes chemicals gassing out during use. Buy something that advertises either "medical grade" or look for "vinyl alternates." If you care about having no toxins, consider our high temperature silicone hose, or buy 1/4 inch medical grade silicone hose.
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